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  • Cynthia - The pages fly by!In the past couple of years, I have read very few books that I could not put down. This was one. The plot is a combination of Blade Runner, Hunger Games, Metropolis and even THX 1138. If you are a true sci-fi, dystopian fan, all of these titles will mean something to you. I can only hope for a movie, but seriously read the book. Howey is a better writer than many who have been around for decades!
  • Cynthia A. Forrest - Align is the probiotic for my IBSI have had Irritable Bowel Syndrome and Proctalgia Fugax since I was a child. I have tried many, many probiotics and medications to calm my colon. However, for some reason, this probiotic works for me. I am not sure why. If I do not take it one day, the spasms in my colon come right back. I just wish the cost of this product was less. The cost of about a dollar a pill is very expensive for me. But trips to the emergency room are VERY expensive and embarrassing.
  • Robert Rosner "bob@workingwounded.com" - Bolles has done it againI've been writing an internationally syndicated business advice column, Working Wounded, for nine years. "What Color Is Your Parachute?" has been head and shoulders above any other career book over the last decade. But with this edition Richard has taken his efforts to a new level. I especially like job hunting tips for smarties. That's the most remarkable part about the book, it works for both novice job hunters and the long term unemployed. Don't believe me? Chew on this. "What Color Is Your Parachute?" has averaged 20,000 books sold a month for the last 27 years! No other career book comes close to the eight million copies of Parachute that have been sold. Finally, even if you have read Parachute in the past, remember each year Bolles substantially rewrites it. Although this book has the same title, the book substantially changes from year to year.
  • Frann Bart - Female Binders of the 47 Percent, Unite!When Gov. Mitt realized he had never met any qualified women during all his years in business, he did, in fact, ask for women. But not resumes. Just women in binders. Well, I happened to be in my husband's binder right down the street from the governer's office. My binder made it to the governer's office, but, unfortunately, he never even looked at because he decided it wasn't the right color to fit the decor of his private elevator in the building. Soon, many other women who didn't make the grade were stuffed into my binder by his minions, and we were removed to his personal storage facility in New Jersey. My husband divorced me for desertion even though he only occasionally let me out to make his meals. Some of my binder-mates have begun resorting to cannibalism to make more space inside. But I still retain the hope that when Mitt loses to President Obama, his remaining 52 percenter fellow elites will have no more use for him and deport him to his own facility. Since he'll be trapped with us, we can then get his attention by throwing our updated resumes at him, and most likely, for lack of anything else to do, he'll have plenty of time to look at our binder. Hopefully, he'll decide that our binder would be a perfect color fit for the Oval Office when he decides to run again for the 100th time in 2016.
  • Evangheline - From beginning to end a thrilling read!After reading Tessa Afshar's Pearl in the Sand I was not sure how in the world a better book could be written. But she did! Harvest of Rubies is about a young scribe, a woman named Sarah longs for acceptance, for belonging. Her mother died at the age of seven, her father Simeon doesn't know what to do with her and therefore neglects her most basic need: affection. But Sarah knows how to get her father's attention, she learns to read and to write and captures her Simeon's attention and he begins to teach her. Nehemiah, cupbearer to the king takes notice of her rare talent for writing and for various languages and recommends her to the Queen Damaspia. Soon Sarah becomes the cheif scrie and in so becomming she uncovers a plot to marr the good name of the Queen. In so doing she wins the Queen's favor even more, so much so that the Queen wants to reward her favored scribe. But the Queen's choice of reward is not what Sarah-who finds her worth in her job-wants. The Queen arranges for Sarah's marrige to Lord Darius. But it turns into a dissaster as Sarah does everything possible to avoid the marrige. When the Queen offers her own servants to prepare for the wedding, Sarah turns them away each day, until the last day she realizes that she doesn't have a clue on how to prepare herself though she does attempt to do so. When she comes to her wedding she shocks not only her future husband but all in royal attendance. The story spirals in twists and turns from there, for they all think she has done this on purpose to marr the good name of Lord Darius and the Royals. While the Royal court travels Sarah is left in Lord Darius's palace, alone, cast aside with only her servant girl pari. But soon she finds that there are faithful friends in this home and together they uncover a deceitful Steward, and evil man named Teispes who is stealing from his master. Danger becomes very real and Sarah finds that she needs to find proof to present her husband Lord Darius. Teispes finds out that Sarah has uncovered his secret and tries to do everything to thwart her. When Darius is sent by the Queen to retrieve his wife and bring her to court they find out that Teispes even tried to kill her. The story just gets better and better, it is full of humor in just the right spots that had me bursting out in laughter at Sarah's antics... it is also full of heartache as Sarah soon falls in love with Darius but has no hope of him returning that love. Also weaved cleaverly throughout the story is lasting hope, and when you get to the part where you realize why the book is called Harves of Rubies, well the effect is a wonderful satisfactory sigh of relief. I trully can't wait for Tessa's next book and I HIGHLY recommend this on as well as Pearl in the Sand.