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Fluconazole 100mg Information - fluconazole 6 month treatment - Diflucan est un antifongique (médicament contre les infections causées par des champignons). Diflucan doit être gardé hors de portée des enfants. Le traitement par le fluconazole doit continuer pendant au moins 2 semaines après la disparition des sy


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  • Katharena M. Eiermann "Existential Diva -- Pr... - ...Highly Recommended! :)Barbie Collector 2013 Holiday Doll, Blonde

    The Barbie Collector 2013 Holiday Doll looks absolutely stunning in her bright silver gown covered with snow white lacy snowflakes and a bit of white - silky - tulle fluffed around the waist. A single trail of lace snowflakes gently wind up the bodice toward the gown's shoulder strap and a single snowflake adorns it. The other silver shoulder strap is bare.

    Nails and lips are a bright (shiny) fuchsia color. Eyes are very life-like and makeup is modern. (eyeliner, shadow, highlighter) are immaculate, and not too heavy looking. Long eyelashes and brows are also painted on.

    Modernly styled hair is rooted into scalp and very thick, long, soft and shiny.

    Earrings are large and captivating -- , a fashion statement that says "Hey, Look at Me". :)

    There is also a little display stand inside the box.

    This is the only Collector Barbie Doll I own, and love it! 'nuf said! :)

    Does the Barbie Collector 2013 Holiday Doll sound like what you may be looking for? :) ...a Fantastic Gift idea! I'm just saying... Highly Recommended! --Katharena Eiermann, 2013
  • Lisa - It works for meAfter trying multiple acne skincare lines such as proactive, drugstore brands, etc. I never found any that worked, they either dryed my face out, irritated my skin, or just didn't work. After searching online one day, I found Exposed, and I can honestly say it's the best skincare line I've found yet. I would for sure rate any Exposed product 5 out of 5 stars. If I get a huge zit, the Exposed dries it up in such quick time. It always gives my skin amazing results and I would definetly recommend it to anyone thats struggling with acne.
  • Captain Picard - The Best; 1 star reviewers have not read the bookVery nice job as usual. The one star reviewers have mostly not read the book but they in fact are liberal plants who just want to trash Ms. Coulter. Of course Ann writes with a unique wit and a certain disdain for some of the frauds perpetrated on the American people by a power hungry left. Thomas Sowell wrote a ringing endorsement for this book in case you missed it, in patriotpost.com
  • DAVID E PLACE - TDK Wireless SpeakerI came across the Bose equivalent at Costco and strongly considered buying it at first. I went home and checked Consumer Reports on line for ratings. They gave TDK's a better rating for sound and versatility. To top it off it was virtually half the price of the Bose speaker.

    I like the sound which is amazing considering its size. The Bluetooth works very well with our IPOD and cell phone. It also has an aux input that I can connect with our old Zune or FM radio. The battery also holds its charge well. We will use it primarily when camping, where the small size and weather resistance are important.