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  • Samantha Shepherd - Fabulous Thriller For A Debut Author!This book had me enthralled! This book had some great positive buzz which made me pick it up and I am happy to say it does not dissapoint.

    I found the "session" format quite refreshing and I think it help sets this book apart from other thriller novels. Even though I knew that the main character obviously survives, I couldn't turn the pages fast enough. I found myself actually holding my breath during some of the scenes where she is with her captor.

    The only negative thing I have to say about the novel is that I did not particularly like the "twist" at the end. I personally thought the book was genius and didn't need such a shocking and somewhat unrealistic villian. That being said, I still giave this book 5 stars because of the rest of it is just so riveiting.

    Thid book was very hard for me to put down and when I wasn't reading it, I was thinking about it becaue it really grabbed me on an emotional level. I highly reccomend this book to those people who love thrillers mixed with strong character development. I am already looking forward to this author's next novel.
  • Gilteresa - "A Concubine for the Family" by Amy Kwei`A Concubine for the Family'
    by Amy Kwei

    I have recently finished reading this book which is a novel (no pun meant) way to write a family history. It is a good read indeed. Can you judge a book by its cover? Not always. But the colourful cover in this case caught my eye and I did send away for this book because of its intriguing title and the promise of a good story.

    When I first opened the book I laughed out loud at the author's statement that she would certainly not be giving her husband a concubine for his birthday as her Grandma, Purple Jade, had done. I found the description of Purple Jade's life in Hangzhou in the early 30's fascinating , the details of family life with servants and sumptuous meals and the explanation of domestic architecture including the courtyards and gardens, the background of Purple Jade's everyday life with her husband Righteous Virtue and daughters. Golden Bell and Silver Bell. (I loved the imaginative Chinese names of Ms. Kwei's forebears.)

    Because the writing was so vivid I suffered with Purple Jade because of her painful deformed feet, especially when she tried to walk. When she was only three years old her toes had been broken and her feet were bound and pushed into what was then considered to be a feminine shape.

    There are vivid descriptions of an opium den, of Chinese food and of Chinese medicine and terrible accounts of the Japanese invasions of Shanghai and surrounds. There are tragic outcomes for the family during this time involving, among others, Glorious Dragon, the daring brother of Purple Jade. The details of life under the Japanese reminded me of the great fear of Japan felt by my parents and other Australians during World War II.

    Although the novel ends with the family again fleeing, this time from Hong Kong, there is a story of hope too as Purple Jade becomes all the time more sought after as an expert in treating patients with Chinese remedies.

    One finishes the story wondering which of the daughters of Purple Jade and Righteous Virtue, Golden Bell or Silver Bell, was the author's mother.

    As I have already said, `Concubine' is a very good read, a wonderful book.
  • Romeo Mlinar - Great book for beginners and advanced usersI read this book few days ago and must say, book is great, with many examples, tips and explanations. If you are beginners in virtualization you'll find many great explanations what and how virtualization works and you will learn what virtualization is. If you are advanced user, this book can you give lots of useful examples and tips. Definitely I would recommend this book.
  • Katelyn - Thank You BIC for Her Pens!I was once like you: a hippie, liberal and feminist woman who was going to college, but handling man pens was exhausting. Since I ordered BIC Pens for Her I have gotten married, dropped out of the college, and birthed twins. I could use these pens to draw hearts all day long but then who would cook dinner? Recipes are a cinch to write down with these pens, and they even smell like strawberries and rainbows. My husband tells me how happy I am every day and who am I to argue with that?
  • Romance Reader - Ideal for men, too!I am 50 years old and I recently became aware that there are men in the workforce. I thought it would be a good idea to hire a few for the sake of political correctness and future political viability.

    Despite being a businesswoman for decades, I didn't personally know any males who were qualified for positions other than... well, you know what positions they're good for. I thought, "Hey, what if I asked the US Chamber of Commerce or steroid manufacturers to find me some men to fill quotas within my company?"

    So I did, and long story short, I'm happy to report that they filled my binder with man beef extraordinaire! I hired several of these men and they did an acceptable job. To my credit, I was flexible. Some of my male employees had to leave by five to go home and service their women. Being a woman myself, I permitted it. They have a role in society, after all, and I couldn't selfishly ignore that fact.