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  • Pauline Goode "Niptwitch" - A Must-Read for Anyone that Cares About Humanity's Long-Term Wellbeing

    Morality has always been chiefly considered to be the domain of religions - and this isn't to say that the religions are consistent in what they deem moral either; in fact, religion seems to be the one thing that can provide complete justification to some of the most heinous, blatantly immoral behaviour this world has seen - and at the same time, is free from criticism for this fact. THIS MUST END.

    Sam provides an answer to the question of how to determine moral values through a secular, scientific, reasoned and rational approach. He begs the reader to consider the one thing we must all value - human wellbeing, which translates into knowable states of the brain, which can thus be studied. Much like the concept of "Health", Morality is loosely defined, and there are some grey areas of morality - but (as the Healthcare industry demonstrates) this shouldn't prevent us from investigating morality at all. For example - we can debate about whether it's healthy to have a glass of red wine each day (and may not find a clear answer), but we can all easily agree that drinking Drain-O isn't healthy. Simiarly, we can debate whether it's better to raise a child in the city versus in the country - but we should ALL be able to agree that honor killings and genital mutilation are inequivocally IMMORAL. There are answers to moral questions, and religion should not provide them.

    Finally - someone has stood up in defense of TRUE morality as determined through reason, scientific inquiry, and evidence. Hopefully this book will remove people's blinders and put an end to the political correctness gone mad that asks us to respect cultures that clearly do not respect our fellow humans or their rights. Hopefully some day we can effectively replace the imams and bishops with moral scientists who are actually qualified to help humanity flourish.

  • Shamari - All stars!

    Well organized, it's easy to find by generic name, very complete drug guide. It's a must have for nursing students!

  • Bridget (Weide) Brooks "RWDigest" - I Have Plenty of Women ... and Men ... In My Binder

    I have many of these binders, filled with both women and men. As a resume writer, I'm constantly writing interview-winning career marketing documents. In fact, me and my fabulous colleagues are the people responsible for the latest drop in unemployment. I'm telling you, Obama had nothing to do with it. It's the resume writers and career coaches that are filling the binders (and in-boxes) of recruiting and hiring managers with accomplishment-focused, targeted resumes and cover letters. I was personally responsible for lowering unemployment by 0.0000002008, which allowed it to drop below 8%. I have binders full of women, and binders full of men. The best part is that Amazon's low prices and free shipping for Prime members allow me to grow my collection of binders full of people without increasing my household deficit.

  • Aditi Nayak - Very Helpful

    I think this book actually helped me boost my confidence to a certain extent, which I desperately needed. Even though I am not unemployed, I am looking to transition and this books definitely gives you realistic hope and tools to go get that dream job! Of course, in the end what matters is how one performs during interviews, luck, etc... But if you do most of the exercises in this book, you will be better equipped to deal with the situation of job hunting.

    A genuine attempt by the author to share his experiences of job hunting! Highly recommended.