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  • C. M. Belvin - Caucasian curly girl (CCG)I have used this stuff for years and I love it!! My "girl" told me use No-Poo no more than once a week, and follow it with One Condition. She also instructed me to use One Condition every time I shower, and use it as a treatment once a week. Put in hair and cover with shower cap and leave in for 20 or so minutes. I swear by this stuff. It's a Godsend!! Try it and see for yourself!
  • david kfire - GreatI've always been a real soccer fan i think its better than pes or fifa when it comes to phones and tablets and this one isn't the exception
  • Bradley M. Melnyk - Keurig Vue great upgrade over my B70First I want to start off saying I was almost disuaded in buying this item because of all the bad reviews. It seems like people are only likely to write reivews when they have a bad experience. So here I am writing a good review because I love the Keurig Vue.

    First I'll start off with the good. The new keurig comes with a button to make a stronger cup of coffee. I personally can taste a difference and I do like the option for a stronger cup. The next thing that sold me was the increase in cup size options, before you had preset options, now you as the user can decided on how big you want your coffee. The cups are limited as of now which is obvious since this is a new item but I have my favorites, and they are already out for the vue, some people are probably not as lucky as I am. The touch screen is so cool, unnecessary? Yes maybe, but very nice touch to the all over aesthetic look of the machine. As for the options available on this keurig its amazing. Theres options for almost every kind of drink. I specifically like the iced coffee feature. I was very skeptical and assumed that it would just make a luke warm cup of watered down coffee but I was so shocked. It tasted great.

    Now onto the bad. The noise can be a problem. It is way louder than my old B70 model, but unlike other people it wasn't exactly a deal breaker. There is also the issue of the tank asking you to add water. Mine does this when its about 1/3 full, is it annoying? Sometimes, but I have a pitcher of filtered water in my fridge at all times, so filling it up in a flash is a breeze. Another downside is the launch flavors available. I said earlier my favorites are already out, but I am sure some of your favorites might not be. The new keurig does brew at a higher temp. I have read and will agree it isn't 100 percent accurate. When i tested a cup at 192 degrees, it came up around 185.6, that was close enough for me and I didnt mind.

    All in all I think this is a great buy. All the negative reviews almost disuaded me but I decided to give it a try anyway. I have had it now for over a month and I enjoy it very much. It's got a great new look, and the new design of the k-cup is so much better, in my opinion at least. Oh and for those of you green people out there, the vue cups are recyclable.

    So in conclusion, I completely recommend this product. I had my old Keurig for 3 years without any problems, and so far none with my current new model. If your considering upgrading, or moving from a standard drip coffee maker to a single cup I say go for it!!!!!!

    Please leave comments if you have any questions and I would be happy to answer them.