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  • Pulp_Writer - Fantastic for quick, portable cleanups.

    Great gadget for quickly cleaning up stuff on the carpet. Probably not practical if you have a big house since the motorized head isn't very big, but for those small cleanups it is perfect five star device. I currently use it at my shop. The nature of my business is that people track a lot of dirt/grass into parts of the carpet, and to be able to pull this out and clean it in 10 seconds without having to plug in the big shop vacuum is really nice. I also have a 7 year old Dyson ball vacuum that I would give five stars. I have the smaller handheld DC-31 that I would only give 3 stars that I use at home in the kitchen for all the crumbs the kids drop all over the damn floor, only three stars on the handheld because the battery doesn't last long, and the DC44 is a superior device to the DC-31.

  • Kandeda Trefil "Feloni S. S. Salt" - A PHYSICIAN'S experience with PARKINSON'S DISEASE and the ONE-MINUTE CURE

    When my husband correctly diagnosed himself with PD (Parkinson's disease) 20 years ago, the medical mantra was right out of the Book of Job, except instead of the comforter's saying, "Curse God and die," up-to-date, conventional, Western medicine unanimously advised, "Take Sinemet and die." Not content with that, he has tried many different approaches and medicines hoping to extend his life, including CHELATION (in case his symptoms were due to heavy-metal poisoning), ingesting HUMAN GROWTH HORMONE, use of CHINESE HERBS and ACUPUNCTURE, various PSYCHOTHERAPIES, self-inclusion in a number of WELLNESS GROUPS, making DIETARY CHANGES and ADDITIONS including a wide variety of NUTRACEUTICALS, experimenting with MASSAGE, and ultimately, of course, entering HOSPICE.

    To be fair, until now, by far the best medicine he tried was cannabis leaves.

    However, in less than two weeks of hydrogen-peroxide therapy as outlined in The One-Minute Cure, each day Dr Trefil's body discards or initiates the process of discarding new symptoms and/or syndromes of PD.

    He approached THE ONE-MINUTE CURE with serious reservations, but then he was skeptical of every medicine or protocol he was about to adopt. Fortunately, Dr Trefil is no fan of the pharmaceutical industry.

    THANK YOU MADISON CAVANAUGH! I have my husband back, and he's getting healthier every day!

  • Jamison E. - Where Has This Been ALL My Life?

    Today marks week number 4 of my new life! I was constantly battling with my fluctuating weight and just when I would start to loose some it would magically reappear along with a few of its friends. It was a never ending battle of watching the needle on the scale go up and down, that was until I started taking Pure Garcinia. Since the first week of taking it I have not only been able to drop pounds and inches at a record rate for me but I have also been able to keep it off.