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  • Tracie - My 3yo takes it everywhere

    My son got his first one for his 3rd birthday. It lasted about 2mos before he dropped it and the sound went away. I bought him a pair of headphones for it and he could hear it. So he got another to use--so now one for home and one for travel. It keeps him seated at church. I am thrilled with the learning tools on this device which has increased his comprehension and writing skills greatly. He has completed games on it, which happily surprised me. I highly recommend it, but also get a case for it to protect it. And I have 2 sets of rechargeable batteries to switch them out.

  • Phyllis D. Nicholson "rosinap" - This book was very helpful to me.

    I have had psorasis all my life and my skin is now so thin from the medications I've used over the years that traditional treatments are no longer an option. I don't do everything in the book, but I have eliminated red meat and the nightshade vegeatables. The one time I slipped and started eating red meat again, my skin immediately reacted. After I read the book, I took it to a chiropractor who read Chapter 8 and then adjusted my spine accordingly. I had this done weekly for several months. Now I go for follow-up adjustments every six weeks. Even if nothing helped the psoriasis, the adjustments make my whole body feel better. I think everyone with this skin condition should read the book and follow the parts they are comfortable with. It can't hurt, and will probably help.

  • Barbro Hatlevik - Love this table chair!

    This is one of the greatest products we have purchased for our baby. We have it in orange and it looks great! We started using it when our Baby girl was about 6 months old and able to sit up (but not steady). It is easy to take on and off the table. We use it on our kitchen counter for breakfast, lunch and whenever I need to do stuff in the kitchen and want to keep and eye on my baby. For dinner, we attach it on out dining table. She loves to be part of our meal time! It collapses down pretty well, so it is easy to take to restaurants and over to a friends house. This is a greet chair before your baby can totally sit steady. There is a adjustable belt in the inside that helps your baby sit up and not tip over, which is what would happen in the regular high chairs. The material is easy to clean. I use a damp rag after every meal and do a quick wipe down. After two months of use it looks as good as new. Another important thing for us is that it takes up very little room. So great for small houses, like ours. I would highly recommend this product. We already bought another one for our friends baby gift.

  • William Walker "Loganville Bill" - QB Pro 2011

    I tried Qbooks a few years ago and was impressed by it's utility and promise but not it's slouch and clunkiness. This new version is however, much improved in every respect and works seamlessly with Windows Vista, I am very impressed. The Pro 2011 version also comes with additional features which, unfortunately, has to be paid for such as certain online, banking and payroll features.