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  • v-motorcross - Great PurchaseI bought this case in the tiffany blue color and it is beautiful. However, it is not as see through as the picture suggests, but you can see the apple sign when the computer is open and the apple lights up. But if the computer is closed, it is completely opaque (can't see through). The texture is a really nice matte, rubberized finish. If you were to put it in a bag, it wouldn't slide around. The color is a true tiffany blue. If you add a few real-looking diamonds or whatever, people would believe you if you told them Tiffany and Co. made it. That's how true to color it is. The fit is great and shipping was really quick. It came within a few days of ordering. Getting the bottom part on was easy, since you have all the cutouts to help you figure out which way it goes. But the top was a little harder to figure out, so when you take it out of the plastic, try not to flip it around and confuse yourself.
    The price was awesome: $8 for a computer case? That's great!
  • mimiofmany "Mandy" - Recommended by my doctor!It is not fun to talk about and it is certainly not fun to live with, but some of us live with gastrointestinal or digestion problems. I have all my life until my doctor recommended I try Phillips Probiotic CapsulesPhillips' Colon Health Probiotic Capsules, 30-Count Bottle. Fiber products always upset my stomach so I was not happy about trying the probiotic, and expected my stomach problems to increase. Imagine my surprise and delight when Phillips Probiotic not only did not upset my stomach but after regular use has caused me to have less gastro problems. I now take this every day and have for the past two years. In fact, I now purchase Phillips Probiotic through Amazon's Subscribe and Save program.
  • J. SanMateo "gotong" - Best money spent on an item in 2008!I'm a gadget freak. I change phones and laptops and other electronic devices like crazy. Looking back at all the gadgets that I bought in 2008, I paused to consider which has given me the most satisfaction? Is it the 2nd generation Macbook Air, the iPhone 3G, or the Kindle - these are the top contenders. It was close between the Macbook Air and the Kindle.

    Kindle is my first ebook reader and I totally love it! I also considered Sony's reader but eventually got the Kindle. The wireless delivery sold me. I hate cables. I avoid cables whenever I can. With all the gadgets in today's lifestyle I feel I'll be tripping over cables everywhere if I don't minimize the amount that I have in my life. My network is wireless, I have MobileMe account so I can sync the iPhone over the air; the Kindle fits right in. I usually find myself reading the samples and buying books in my Kindle in ungodly hours - midnight, 3 AM, 4 AM, 5 AM, you name it. It's so convenient. I have never read this many books in such a short a time in my whole life!

    I am an aspiring writer and having the Kindle helps me in this goal. One of the first things an aspiring writer has to do is read, read, and read. Check!

    I love the idea that I can start reading as many books as I want and be able to carry all of them with me and read them wherever, whenever.

    While the Kindle [like the iPhone device] offers other features, its main strength (and probably actual use) is the reader, of course, and the wireless delivery.

    With all the books I've read in the Kindle, I'm well on my way (if I haven't already) in recovering the money spent on it by way of the discounts I get when I buy the Kindle version of the book versus the hardcopy or paperback.

    Get it! You won't regret it.