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  • D. Bryan - More people need to use thisThis lets me and my wife track all of our bills, spending, and budget for the future. More people should use this to track their finances and be more aware of where their money is going.

    Just an FYI the 2013 version is coming with smart phone compatibility and I've been wanting that for a long time so be sure to check that out.
  • Heather K. Michon - If You Really, Really, Really Want To Be On A SWAT Team, You Probably Shouldn't BeChances are somewhere in America today, a SWAT team will arrive at a private residence. They'll throw flash-bang grenades and kick in the door; they'll force occupants to the floor at gunpoint and start tearing the place apart. They're will be profanity and screaming. They may kill the family dog, pitbull or poodle. And if they don't find anything, or it turns out they came to the wrong address, too bad. You're not going to get an apology.

    This is the state of policing in America in 2013, says Radley Balko in his new book "Rise of the Warrior Cop." Across the country, law enforcement is turning to SWAT team and other specalized units not for their original purpose of providing rapid response to hostage situations and standoffs, but to serve drug warrants, enforce regulatory issues, and quell political dissent. Police are rapidly accumulating military weapons, armored vehicles, military-style uniforms and an "us against them" attitude that has resulted in wrongful arrests, property damage, injuries, and even deaths.

    While many people have become aware of the militarization of law enforcement since 2001, Balko shows this process began in earnest about 40 years ago, when Richard Nixon decided to exploit the white, middle-class Silent Majority's fears of increasing drug use and crime. The "drug war' and now the "war on terror" has led to a steady erosion of our Fourth Amendment rights against unreasonable search and seizure and the "Castle Doctrine," the idea that we are safe from government intrusion in our homes without serious cause.

    Balko traces this history from the roots of the Castle Doctrine in British common law right up into the present day. He looks at the shift in mentality from the community policing model to the military model, where the very citizens the police are sworn to protect become potential threats to be approached with lethal force. He also shows the reality of "mission creep," where there very fact that you have SWAT team - or a tank - means you really want to use them, even in situations where it shouldn't be used. He ends with some commonsense recommendations for change - even as he admits none of them are likely to come to pass in the current political climate.

    It's enlightening, it's frightening, and it's something every American should take the time to read.
  • X. Yao - Nice medium-size plannerI own a pocket daily in black, which works pretty well. The size is really nice & small (though thicker), but I wanted to be able to see the entire week on the same page and love the red color, so I decided to get this planner. I don't know what to do with my old planner though; it's still in perfect condition & I feel bad just putting it aside. Any suggestions? I don't journal, I guess I can start?

    Now to the review. This is definitely a well-constructed planner, as I have come to expect from Moleskine. I wouldn't be too rough in handling it, but it should withstand extended use like my old pocket daily. I could foresee that compared to the black version, this one could get dirty more easily, but we'll see.

    The color is definitely really bright and leans a bit towards orange, but I actually like it better, and I bought it knowing this is the color I want. Size-wise, it's a bit longer than I would like, but I guess you get to write more. The weight is all right, but it could get heavy if you already have a lot to carry. Get the 12-mo. one if you want something lighter.

    The planner itself is travel-oriented, and gives you pages in the beginning to do travel planning. It also provides time zones, flight durations, and dialing codes. It could be useful for some people, but is useless for me. I'm so tempted to rip these pages out, but am afraid it's going to mess up the seam and make it look ugly (I have ripped out some pages from my pocket daily planner before without any problem, though). It also contains some unit & size conversions, which could come in handy. Because this is an academic year calendar, there are two timetables (but it really should have three since the planner last three semesters...). It also has some blank pages at the end for note-taking, and a separate, thin, tabbed note "booklet." Stickers are provided, but you can do your own labeling.

    One thing to note, the 2013 planners don't have the grid calendars anymore. To me, this is REALLY inconvenient since I am so used to the regular calendar, but I think I'll get used to it. Or you can "hack" it and insert your own calendars. Also, since this is a European product, the week starts on a Monday, not Sunday, reconsider if this is something you really care about.

    Overall, this is a pretty nice product, I bought when it was selling for $13, so the price is not TOO bad, but the list price is a bit expensive (though I did spend $17 for my pocket daily), at least for my poor student's budget. I do think you get what you pay for though. It is much nicer than the regular school planners, and I am much more likely to use the planner since I like it a lot, so productivity-wise, it may also be worth the money.
  • Kelsey Mclellan - Sincere LoveThis is my first review of a product on Amazon, though I am a long time user (for just about everything!). I felt compelled to write about GOL Raw Meal after reading the negative reviews.

    As you can read, most of the reviews are on the taste. Raw Meal does taste chalky, but I was surprised at just how extreme people were going. I drink it mixed in plain ice tea (more health benefits) - no smoothie, no fruits, etc. I am a 22 year old female who is moderately in to health. I mention this because I don't want you to think I'm some older, raw, health lunatic who would eat dirt if they believed it "cleansed the colon". This stuff truly isn't that bad! Again, though, it is extremely chalky. It almost feels like you're drinking powder.

    To the person who said he violently threw up after using this product: maybe it's because this product is so rich in vitamins and minerals that your body was detoxing. This is an extremely potent, high quality, raw ingredient list. If you're used to eating cheeseburgers all day, then yes, this stuff with want to rid you of the toxins.

    I say buy this. At the very least, order a sample. It really is great stuff!
  • Big J - Massive Attack's Blue Lines is Incredible!Why in the hell did it take me 9 years to buy this cd? After reading a magazine article and listening to a few tracks of this album on the internet, I decided to buy it. Wow, this album is truley great. I can't believe it was made a whole decade ago. The sounds they use I like alot. They are simple, but I love them. Songs like "Safe From Harm", "One Love", "Unfinished Sympathy", "Blue Lines", and "Five Man Army" are gems. The other songs are ok, but these alone are well worth your 14$ or whatever.