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  • Ormsbot - They are saviors protecting the carpeting in your Jeep.I bought these mats to protect the carpeting in my new Jeep. I was a little disappointed Mopar did not carry mats for the 2013 Grand Cherokee. So I ordered mats for the 2012 model. They fit well. Only two minor drawbacks. One, the 2012 model of mats does not have a hole in the passenger-side mat. Thus, I cannot secure the mat. Two, I would recommend the well of the mats be deeper. This would keep more snow or water in the mat.

    All-in-all, I love the mats. They match my car, have the logos, etc.

    I would recommend these to my friend's.
  • H. Watson - Daunting but do as Elaine says try it for 1 month and see.At the suggestion of our PediGi Doc we bought & read this book and were horrified. We hoped that medicine would help our 2.5 yr old son with his UC and we wouldn't have to put in all the hard work to prepare our food as described by Elaine Gottschall. 4 months later the medicine wasn't really helping anymore and we were looking at some harsh side effects for the next rx. So, I got to it and prepared all our son's food per the instructions in BTVC and within 2 weeks our son's symptoms were gone, he started eating more (he wasn't eating much at this point, as he obviously didn't feel well, just drank milk still in a bottle) and started growing again. We followed BTVC directions for one year and slowly started adding in other (illegal) foods again and he has been able to tolerate everything with no symptoms at all. He is still on sulfasalazine but it's been 2 years and our now 4.9 year old is healthy and growing. I no longer have this book as I passed it on to another family with a child about to loose her colon. BTVC worked for us and I am extremely greatful.
  • R. Johnson - Better than TaxCutI have used TaxCut for many years and recently switched to TurboTax. Last year I e-filed my return,using TaxCut, TaxCut said it e-filed successfully, but 8 months later I received a letter from the IRS stating they never got my return. I checked and found several other people who have had e-filing problems with TaxCut so tried TurboTax instead.

    I found the 2012 TurboTax user interface to be much more intuitive than TaxCut's interface. The auto import feature is fantastic and seemed to import my fincancial information correctly. This saved me a lot of time and is greatly appreciated. Hopefully it will e-file correctly or at least let me know if it does not. So far I am happy with TurboTax.