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  • Conspicuous Consumer - What a difference BOSE makes!I have to admit I was skeptical when I opened the box and read the instructions. "You place your television on top of this?" I must have re-read that line several times. Of course there are size and weight restrictions so not any television would apply. All I did was plug the Bose into the wall, connect the audio connectors to the television and press the 'On' button on the remote. The sound was well balanced and rich.

    Please be aware that there are not buttons on the unit itself. If you lose the remote- it will not work. The remote only has four buttons- On/Off, Volume Up, Volume Down and Mute. There is no menu button and therefore, no ability to create a custom sound. But after you hear the quality- you would never want to. I LOVE IT!
  • Ramses - Looks & Feels Better Than iPadNice tablet for the price... You won't be dissapointed. Samsung Media Hub + Android + Google Play + App Store is an amazing combination!!!