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  • Kcp9000 "KCP9000" - Great Topcase

    Installed about a week ago*, and am just loving it! The silver paint matches my silver Majesty, which is really cool. The Majesty can haul an amazing amount of items under the seat, and with this Bestem topcase, it gets even better! I can go to the grocery store and buy a decent amount of groceries. Friends are amazed at what I can haul around in my scooter!

    The quality is outstanding for it's price. The Givi is probably thicker, as someone mentioned in another review. But the Bestem is presumably lighter. I have no concerns about it's durability but plan to update this review when I get a better impression of its durability over time.

    The brake light is a great feature, although I haven't hooked mine up yet. It should look really nice and add to safety.

    I highly recommend this topcase, especially if your Majesty is silver. Perhaps they make other colors, I would think they do, and it would be worth checking out.

    *One think I didn't realize is that you need a top case attachment kit from Yamaha. I don't think you can install this without it (I couldn't see a way to do it with the materials that came with the Bestem. If someone knows that you can, please correct me.) The kit you need is "Genuine O.E.M. Yamaha 2005-2007 Majesty Top Case Attachment Bracket pt# ABA-5RU25-20-00"

  • DavidJones - It's a great tablet

    The Samsung Galaxy Tablet 2 is great. It does everything you want and then some. It's easy to use and has all the features you would want.

  • Lollipop - Radio-licious!

    Thank god, finally a product that is both fun for work and home! It's something you can play with together as a family... heck invite your grandparents! Amaze you bosses to be the first one to bring this to the corporate cookout, watch everyone be stunned with ooh's and ahh's.

    I cannot recommend this enough. But it NOW!!!