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  • TheDude - I ordered this as a surprise gift...

    My boss needed to surprise his wife so he asked me to order this for him so she wouldn't find out about it. Anyway, she loves it and uses it daily for almost a year now. I haven't used it myself, but she did show me the beauty of the screen resolution and few of the apps and now I wish I had one myself.

  • linda mastandrea - Working like never before

    Gained 30 lbs in 4 month 5 years ago, several different doctors said I was fat hormonal, then diabetic middle-aged overweight woman and with with no assistance from them tried everything (went to a gym for 14 months lost 2 lbs working out 6 days a week for 1.5 per day). Read this book and within 25 days have lost 8 lbs, diagnosed a thyroid issue and off the diabetes medication, it is all allergy related. How simple yet so difficult to put together when you think you're eating healthy BUT YOUR NOT! Love the book, love the message, love chocolate and wine and butter again.

  • A.Trendl HungarianBookstore.com "What should ... - First Book To Buy for Job Hunting

    "What Color Is Your Parachute" is the first book you need if finding a job is your goal. If you've not bought this yet, you haven't started looking. It is that good. Buy this for the college student in your life so they will be ready.

    Richard Bolles is the expert. His books sell because they are fresh each year with insight, purpose and ideas for determining what job you should do, and how to get it.

    I used "Parachute" to get my first job. It continues to influence me today, as I keep my eyes open for a possible career change. As I have trandsitioned from nonprofits to corporate work, to freelance/consulting to looking again at nonprofits, I take what Bolles' teaches into each situation. He helps balance out reality. No smoke and mirrors, but encouraging and candid exhortation.

    Thoroughly practical, Bolles asks you questions about your mission in life. His belief is that just getting a job (any job) -- even ones you are good at -- won't be a wise decision in the long haul. He helps you see your passions mixed with skills and experience, and guides you to getting there. Though it is hardly a self-help book, it is far more useful than the ones clogging up the Top 10 list.

    He keeps you accountable. Finding a job is your job if that's what you say you want. And if you aren't working, he won't let you make excuses -- you've got the time. Either you are looking or you aren't.

    Bolles has kept current, with a significant look at the internet, starting your own business, dealing with the tempestuous employment marketplace, working in an unpleasant situation, and more.

    Don't bother with the hardcover. You need the paperback. This is not a sit-on-the-shelf book, but a get-down-to-business book, and you'll appreciate the flexibility while at work or on the train.

    I fully recommend, "What Color Is Your Parachute" by Richard Nelson Bolles.

    Anthony Trendl

  • Jet Balagtas - Insightful, Funny, Hilariously Politically Incorrect!

    This book is totally real. Mr. Kay's thoughtful insight is spot on in your face. His delivery and timing is impeccable. A very informative and entertaining read. But don't be fooled... the tips and advice here make total sense... IT WORKS! Thanks AK! I've recommended your book my best and closest friends. Any real man must have this book in his tool bag of tricks to attain maximum pleasure from married/attached life sex.

  • broblu "illiterate" - THESE CABLES TAUGHT ME HAIKU!!!

    digital cable
    Denon AKDL1
    dedicated link

    they also writes their own limericks:

    There once was a cable from Denon
    Only $500 end to end
    Sweet deals such as these for
    Technology's more
    Revolutionary than Lenin!

    and opera:

    (excerpt from "The Magic Audiophile")

    Queen Denonica:
    Beware... beWare... BE-WARRRE!!!
    Of inferior wires
    You're not hearing things, they're liars
    Plug them in, pLUG them in, plug them... IIIIINNNNN!!!!! (BAHAHahaha)