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  • Michael Kolmet - Muy bien espaniolI have "Weight Lifting for Dummies" (Australian edition) at home and found it evidence based, hence my confidence in "Spanish for Dummies". I am not disappointed. The authors are well credentialed, and the methodology is underpinned by the well establish Berlitz language school. The clues for the variation in choice of vocabulary in different Spanish speaking countries will please anyone who intends to communicate with a wide variety of Spanish speakers. The sound CD is also very helpful in attuning one's ears to understanding a new foreign language.
  • the best game I ever had - awesomeBest app I ever had since 2010 git it now don't turn your back on it I try to git it on my phone to much Mb for but now I Got it on tablet I'M JUST PLAYEN 24/7
  • Oxguy3 - Undoing the DRM anger damageI'm just trying to bring up the rating after it was brought down. For those who don't know, Spore has such a low rating because the DRM was too strict (it only let consumers install it on 3 computers), so many angry gamers (not necessarily bad, just angry) sabotaged the ratings in retaliation. I'm just trying to bring it back up because EA got rid of the unfair DRM.
  • John H. Eagan "Author: The Enlightenment, Wha... - FascinatingFractal Time: The Secret of 2012 and a New World Age by Gregg Braden is a book that combines all the modern discovers of mother's natures natural patterns with information the ancients new about a cyclic universe. When the author combined all this information he came up with a model of time he called "fractal time." According to Braden this gives a window into the future and what we can expect in the year 2012. Among other information, because of the earth's location in space in the year 2012, it will trigger cycles of spiritual growth for humans.

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    Are you a spiritual retard, or are you on the path to ENLIGHTENMENT?
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