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  • BubbyMommy - Best Stroller in 23 years!I have been using strollers now for over 23 years and this is by far the best. It doesn't have to be pushed since it just glides through the air. My very finicky baby is actually happy in this stroller, which is a miracle in itself. I believe this stroller also provides tremendous value for money. I'm sure the pricier strollers push nicely as well, but for under $200, this is a great buy!
  • Finchler - A red bottle for us red state people !I'm an eldery, rural, uneducated, lily-white American, and I always vote Republican and only watch FoxNew so that I can get the real facts, not the phony mainstream media lies. Where is the President's birth certificate? Nobody has come to my house and shown it to me! Anyway, I bought this product after Megan pointed out that it is a food product, and let me tell you she was right. We are now making the best chili I've ever eaten! We have to dilute it about 99%, but that just means I'm getting great value. And considering nobody here has a job right now, we can sure use the savings. I also intend to use this as a medicine, since none of us here have health insurance either and we can't afford to buy antibiotics even if a doctor was willing to see us for free. God Bless the US of A and let's make sure we only vote for people in 2012 who took the anti-tax pledge. If we get behind our great conservative leaders, the US is going to look a lot different in the near future, and I have a feeling this product will be used a lot more frequently, so stock up now before there is a rush to buy it and it sells out. A++++
  • Robert Macomber "co-author, Ruth Montgomery W... - "A Book of Immense Importance"Stop. Right now. Go no further. Although there may be several million other books in the Amazon system, I cannot imagine that there is a better one than Dr. Ervin Laszlo's, The Chaos Point.

    When I picked up this book for the first time and glanced at the back of it, I got a feeling inside of me that I have experienced only a handful of times in my life. Indeed, before I had even finished reading the back cover, I instinctively knew that I was holding in my hands a book that would forever change the way I looked at our world.

    What was written on the back cover that so moved me were the following words:

    "We are at a critical juncture in history, a `decision-window' where we face the danger of global collapse - or the opportunity for global renewal. Written by Ervin Laszlo, the founder of systems philosophy and general evolution theory,The Chaos Point provides a concise overview of the present world situation, showing where we are and how we got here.

    "According to Laszlo, for the next six to seven years - roughly until the end of 2012 - we have the opportunity to head off trends that would lead to a critical tipping point. Beyond this `chaos point,' we either evolve to a safer more sustainable world, or the social, economic, and ecological systems that frame our life become overstressed and break down.

    "The 2012 chaos point need not be the end of the world, but it will certainly be the end of the kind of the world we have created. In today's decision window, we have a unique chance to break through to a new world. This pioneering book tells us what this new world can look like and how each of us can help to achieve it.

    "The Chaos Point is a healing book. It not only identifies the malady every person and every society now suffers from, but offers a cure."

    The Chaos Point is a call to action to all of us. It is a story of inspiration to every living human being upon the face of the planet. It doesn't matter what country you're from, what the color or your skin is, what your political leanings are, or whether your female or male . . . there is something for everyone inside the pages of this book.

    So where do your interests lie? Financial and economic matters? The world of technology? Social concerns? Spirituality? Ecological issues? War and terrorism? Perhaps even matters of the paranormal? The Chaos Point includes coverage of all of these topics - and more.

    While the breadth of knowledge contained in Dr. Laszlo's writing is breathtaking, what is even more impressive is the easy-to-understand manner in which he connects up seemingly differing aspects of our world and explains in common sense terms how literally everything in our existence here on Earth is interconnected. For instance, as a person who found science hazardous to my academic health during my school years, I was pleasantly surprised to find that this book provides coverage of the topic in language that simply explains why certain basic scientific realities should be of concern to us all.

    After reading The Chaos Point, you will come to realize how articles you see in the newspaper and once would have thought were totally unrelated subjects, are, in fact, inextricably intertwined issues and very much connected to one another. Yet, while this book presents an eloquent and well-documented summation of the extreme degree to which the central challenges of our time are all interrelated, its most persuasive feature is its focus on the capacity of human beings to make major changes when confronted with problems of immense scope and significance.

    Dr. Laszlo passionately implores us all to recognize the seriousness of the situation we are in, for solving our problems requires us to first stop denying that they exist. Yes, he paints a hopeful picture of what could be for the human race, but he also honestly describes what most of already know, but are afraid and/or unwilling to admit:

    Only if we develop a heightened awareness of the need to critically examine the underlying beliefs behind our many troubles can we expect to solve the ever-mounting dilemmas that presently threaten humanity.

    The Chaos Point makes it unmistakably clear that the bottom line in all of this is that what happens in the next several critical years of humankind's tenure on Earth is up to each and every one of us. The essence of the book's message is that it's decision time for all who live on this beautiful planet. It all boils down to a matter of choice.

    Ervin Laszlo fervently believes that we have the ability to make the choices necessary to move away from the self-centered, self-destructive path on which we have for so long traveled and avert the global catastrophes that await us all if we do not learn from our past mistakes. Indeed, The Chaos Point is ultimately an optimistic book that reflects the author's deep belief in his fellow human beings.

    As a person who has long believed that people is what life is ultimately all about, I applaud Dr. Laszlo's commitment to his fellow human beings in the strongest possible terms. I would even go so far as to say that if you read this book, you will literally feel in your heart this sense of genuine, sincere commitment that I am talking about.

    Although I could enumerate many additional reasons why I think that you should read The Chaos Point, perhaps the best way to sum up my take on it is to say that I cannot imagine a single reason why you should not. To be quite blunt, I would assert that this book should be made mandatory reading for all inhabitants of the planet. It is that important.

    Let me conclude by suggesting that right now, right this very minute, as you are at your computer, you can begin answering Dr. Laszlo's call to action. How? By not only getting a copy of The Chaos Point for yourself, but also for the one person in the world that you care most about. That one individual whose life you hold the most dear. That human being whose presence on the planet means the most to you. But please, please don't wait to do it.

    Act right now, for as Dr. Laszlo has so accurately pointed out, every day counts.

    Rob Macomber, co-author of Ruth Montgomery Writes Again!
  • Michael Grace "Mikey47" - Excellent Political BookThis is one of the best presidential campaign books I have ever read since the Teddy White's "Making of the President" series. The facts in the book are sourced, the interviews are taped and accurate and no one from either political party has challenged the factual statements in the book. Balz had amazing access to the leading political candidates from both parties and their political hired hands who gave him lengthy interviews during the most pressure-packed moments of their campaign. I can only assume that Balz must be highly respected by both right-wing and mainstream political professionals. Most interesting is to read the interviews with candidates prior to their announcements, during and afterwards. The statements they make during these pre, during and post interviews are a combination of spin and scam. They are most candid, of course, after their candidacy crashed and burned. Even Romney's post election interview still shows a ting of "I can't believe I lost." Clearly, campaign methods have changed, but I wonder if any campaign will ever have the time and money to replicate what Obama's people did in 2014.
  • Jennifer Mccoy - Literally changed my lifeDo not listen to anyone that says its just another starve and loose diet. IT IS NOT! It is so different than anything out there and I will tell you why. Every other diet tells you what works for the majority, not you. This tells you to test and move forward with what specifically works for you. Nothing else will tell you that. Is it hard? YES! Is it worth it? YES! Especially if you have tried over many years to loose.