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  • ITS-ALI - Best External Hard Drive, I've had many

    i have previously owed a 1TB WD years ago that failed after a year. They sent me a 1.5TB as a replacement but that started having the same problem. I took it apart and bought an external hard drive dock to use with it and it works fine. http://www.amazon.com/Thermaltake-BlacX-eSATA-Docking-Station/dp/B001A4HAFS. later gave that away (dock and hard drive)

    Bought a Seagate FreeAgent, the white-ish grey colored one that was 1.5TB. Sold that to upgrade to a 2TB same brand/style.

    Now own a 3TB Seagate Backup. picked up about a year ago for $150 at best buy. usb 3.0. ended up buying 2 more for friends as present to use with ps3 for media storage for same price. I'm always copying stuff back and forth with my hard drive to and from my pc, other pcs and macs, other hard drives, and other ps3's. so mine gets used A LOT and never fails me. it does take about 30 seconds to load up on the computer but thats expected with such large size. when connected to the ps3, if not used after 5 or 10 minutes, you will find that the hard drive shuts off and you will have to wait for the drive to show up again in the ps3 menu.

    I also just recently sold my laptop for a newer one with usb 3.0 ports and so much faster so if you have usb 3.0 ports on your computer/laptop you will definitely benefit from the speed.

    The Seagate Backup 3TB is now available for around $120 if you look around locally. If you're looking to spend around that much anyway, then that is the best deal for your buck from my experience. Amazon has it for $120. $99 for 2TB, $79 for 1TB, and $179 for 4TB. i'm skeptical on getting a 4TB in fear the ps3 might not recognize it. and for the price, again the 3TB is the best deal.

    If you do want to use this (or any large external drive) for a ps3, you need it formatted in fat32. there is a neat little windows program that does it very easily for you:

  • LosingwithVi - HUGE skeptic until I tried it!!

    Ok, so I've pretty much tried every single weight loss product on the market. I've even been a Rep for Plexus Slim. (Doesn't work for everyone) I bought this product from a friend about two months ago, and had to develop my own taste sensation. LOL!! I used all natural peanut butter, chocolate powder, and chocolate almond soy milk. Tastes like a Reese cup! It's really easy to fix on the go, I just use my Magic Bullet. If you are a person like me who doesn't have time to eat breakfast, then this product is for you. I don't mind the cost at all, because it's helping me get healthy, and to stop taking medications for high blood pressure and arthritis. I have lost 33 lbs in 2 months, and I feel GREAT. I am not a Rep yet, BUT....if I lose another 17 lbs in the next month, I WILL join! I am a VERY satisfied customer!