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  • Jason E. Harrington - OK, all jokes aside, there's an actual person behind this book.

    In all seriousness, Captain Trimmer wrote this book with the best of intentions, and those who have ACTUALLY READ IT and are ACTUALLY BOATERS such as myself know the perils that shipping lanes can present to the amateur. This book gives a sort of "insider's account" of dealing with small vessels that, no pun intended, find themselves in deep water, when caught in the path of a much large freight vessel. So continue on with the jokes and the sarcasm, go ahead, but please at least keep in mind that behind this book is an actual author whose genuine intention it was to help people.

    And Captain Trimmer, if you're reading this, please consider a follow-up book. Just the other day my kid slammed his bike into the Arctic Shelf.

  • Lisa33 - Best beauty purchase of the year!!!

    In short--best beauty product purchase of the year, and perhaps ever! I am a fair-skinned brunette, so I have exactly the right coloring for this device. I do not hesitate to highly recommend this product if you have similar coloring. My bikini area and underarms are dramatically improved. Pay attention to the color of the hair you want to remove, though. I've found the hair on my legs to be a little too light for this to have dramatic results. If you have freckles--no worries! I have freckles and have noticed no adverse response. All-in-all, you will be pleased. It costs less than one laser treatment, is much less painful than waxing and best of all, you can preserve your dignity and privacy by doing it yourself--again, and again, and again--as needed. I'm still on my first bulb, so not everyone has issues with that. Regardless, it is very inexpensive over the long term when compared to spa services.

    Below are some details of my early experience with the product.


    I've only just completed my first treatment, which went flawlessly. I was surprised and pleased that there was less discomfort than anticipated. It was quite a bit less painful than epilation. I turned it up to the highest setting by the third pulse (pulsed once on the first setting, once on the third setting and then proceeded with the 5th level from there on). It is definitely best to shave as thoroughly as possible. The treatment was most uncomfortable where the most hair was visible.

    I will update this review as I have the opportunity to observe results. So far, my impression is entirely favorable. The unit seems to be high quality and not a torture device, as I feared!

    Update, 1/20/2012. Like another reviewer, I decided to use this at closer intervals than directed. Second treatment was even easier than the first. I'm not sure whether that was due to increased attention to my shaving efforts prior to treatment or if I can expect each successive treatment to be less uncomfortable due to hair reduction. Regardless, it was a breeze! Much, much, much easier than the epilator (ouch!) that I use on peach fuzz. It is also very quick--no downtime between pulses. The only challenging part can be around bony areas where it can be difficult to get both sensors pressed simultaneously to enable a pulse. Even that is no big deal--it's usually just a matter of adjusting positioning of the handpiece horizontally or vertically to get the treatment window and sensors flush to the skin. Still no obvious results, but I didn't expect any yet. Will continue to update as I use the device and note results.

    Update, 1/26/2012. Again, I chose to treat at a shorter time interval than instructed (only 6 days this time). Honestly, it seems like I could use this daily without problem. There are zero after effects for me--not even redness. This third treatment was also virtually painless. Just a few hot, prickly sensations where there was more hair. I have also been zapping one spot on my chin where a single rogue hair tends to pop up. I'm careful to shield my eyes and it seems totally fine. The treatments are really quick. I was reading about a competing system that isn't available in the US as far as I can tell, and the unit needs to recharge between pulses which results in a prolonged treatment session. Not the case with the iLight! You can zap as quickly as you want. It literally takes less than a minute to do my underarms and less than 2 for the bikini zone. My leg takes longer since it's significantly larger. Still no big deal, though.

    So far, I am really noticing results on my under arms and bikini. This morning my under arms had no noticeable hair. Bikini is more sparse and finer. I can't say I've noticed a huge difference on my legs, but I will stick with it. Even if I end up with less and finer growth, I'll consider it a partial win since I'll be less prickly.

    One thought for anyone who is afraid of even the minimal amount of discomfort. Perhaps a numbing cream might help? Here is a link to one I chose based on reviews.

    Dr. Numb Topical Anesthetic Lidocaine Numbing Cream for Pain Relief - 30 grams