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  • JR "Dirk Brown" - Don't forgetAfter spraying students, faculty, staff, Christmas shoppers and bystanders use the remainder to get your precinct's floors spotless. It will cut through that every day grime and hardened sludge in no time. It will make your Chief smile. Use it as a hair tonic to cure baldness. Plus it is a great dessert topping and wonderful on donuts. And there is more, it is organic and so good for you. Go ahead and be a pig but make sure everyone gets plenty.
  • soothesayer "soothesayer" - Great reader and online tablet!I got this for my husband as a gift and he loooooves it. First of all, my husband is not a big internet nut. He doesn't generally do much cybershopping or phishing around, but once he got this convenient tablet he couldn't help himself and has had a blast watching films, surfing the internet, and reading his kindle books. The colors are extraordinary on this tablet! My friend has a Nook, and the colors on the Nook don't even compare to the Kindle Fire in intensity and brilliance. The anti-glare screen is an additional plus and something well worth having at your fingertips. I highly recommend this reader due to its many user-friendly qualities and outstanding HD picture.
  • Helena Burke - Eye-OpenerThis is an eye opening book and gives me a whole new view on food. This is NOT a diet but rather teaches you to learn and understand which foods work for your body, and which foods don't. It is a 20 day program that can extend as long as you want and teaches you to test foods to learn what you have a reaction to. I had terrible eczema on my hands and my dermatologist had no idea what caused it or how to cure it. I stumbled upon this book while searching for "natural remedies for eczema".......only to learn that it was a food I was eating that caused my unbearable eczema. By Day 3 on this program, all the eczeam was gone. One Day 4 we tested chocolate and voila.....the eczema returned. Chocolate was causing my health problems! I am over the moon overjoyed that I cleared up my eczema and can have a normal life now. I am on Day 9 now and continue to test new foods and so far all is good I have lost over 7 pounds, eczema is gone, I feel like a million bucks, and am excited to continue with this plan. Even if you opt not to follow the plan, the book itself is so interesting and explains so much about how and why we feel the way we do after we eat certain foods and why some people react differently to certain foods. Our bodies change as we age (as much as we hate to admkit that) and this book explains how and why is such simple and easy to understand terms and teaches you to be able to focus on the foods that work for YOU and not the foods that society says are good for you. I think everyone should read this!
  • Furman O. Ashley "Taz-I812" - Finger AidThis is a cheap and easy to use add on for when you're using a lot of spray can paint or whatever. For the cost, it is still well made and works well. The open end both helps installation and removal from your spray can as well as ensuring that it does not affect the "fan" of spray from the can as others I've used do. If you have issues with holding down that spray button with a single finger or know you're going to do a big job with spray cans, this will be a great investment and pain saver. I highly recommend this product.