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  • N. Bilmes "bookaholic" - The Bible of BaseballAnyone who is a fan of the game, whether a fantasy fanatic or not, should find a lot to like in this edition of BP. Like the other annuals over the years, this edition is divided into team sections with analysis of last season's successes and failures, followed by a batter and pitcher section for each team that includes more data than you'll ever need, but with all the data you want to read included. The player comments are pithy and entertaining, and the prospect section at the end of the book is filled with nuggets of information that any fantasy-playing baseball follower will want to keep on hand on draft days and during the season.

    This year's edition is very entertaining, and relatively free of the typo-mania that afflicted the 2010 edition.

    With Baseball Prospectus back on the shelf, and spring training getting underway, the 2012 season can officially begin!
  • mary - I love it♡♥I have my tablet for months now and I dont get tired I used a lot to use Facebook, yahoo mail, my emails, to watch videos and movies on Netflix, read books etc....
    Is like HD video quality and is really good. I just wish it has flash player but is cool...