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  • N. P. Stathoulopoulos "nick9155" - Film to follow?Ann Coulter is right by the sell-by date of her leggy, blonde, conservative pundit career. Now at least 40, she may only be able to pull off this kind of book once or twice more before even Sean Hannity has to stop inviting her to appear on his show.

    Judging by the cover alone, with the leather-clad Coulter standing in front of a blackboard, I'd say the publishers know exactly what they have on their hands. Coulter is like a movie star who the studios burn out and disgard after both have been handsomely paid. Is she were Steven Seagal, this could be like her 'Under Siege', the big hit before the career slide.

    Or perhaps not. Nevertheless, Coulter is one of the best, most devious liberal agents in the media today. Her television performances, matched by her written rants, reveal a remarkable talent for cheerleading, which has led many to believe that Coulter is really a liberal in disguise, trying to discredit the Republican party with her material.

    As for the book, it appears to be like the others, a nice, glossy cover, and the font is not too bad, and it fits nicely into supermarket magazine racks, too.
  • Darren Gatewood - Good film, a little different from the usual fare.I really enjoyed this film. They did an interesting job of combining a modern criminal investigation / medical view of the world with the classic, martial arts chi-energy we're used to the films of the genre.