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  • Royard - Pretty sweetI liked the deal. its much cheaper than buying it in-stores. i split it with a friend, and so it was even cheaper. haha i wasnt too sure what to put for the educational value. but i thought that it was pretty educational in the mtg world. perspective, i've got that. some how i there wasnt a mythic rare in the box, which i was sad about. but it wasnt guaranteed anyways. so im ok with it. this is definitely good for anyone who wants to invest and start playing mtg.
  • Jimmie - is Relief Now possable?As a health fanatic, yoga practitioner and Amazon Best selling Author of Back Pain relief in 45 mintues, Back pain treatment without Drug's, Doctors or Surgery (Quick Health) I have knowledge of body mechanics. Susan and Esther books are there. They help you set up simple and elegant life-changing movements. they are good about bringing the old world into the new. thanks

    -Marcus Norman
  • Penny - Impatient for Book # 3I enjoyed the first book of the trilogy about Thomas Cromwell Wolf Hall so much I read it twice to be sure I caught both the flavor of the time and the historical details. Bringing up the Bodies carries the story forward. In the second book Henry VIII is tiring of the tiresome Anne Boleyn, and casts his eyes on Jane Seymour. Hilary Mantel makes the story sing with her sensitive characterizations and historical detail.
  • N. Kreis - BEST SOFTWARE FOR TRIP PLANNINGI've used older versions of this software for years. Whenever I'm planning a trip, I use it to plan my route--decide how long I'll drive each day and where to overnight. Then making reservations at the most convenient hotel is a snap! I was recently able to locate the address of my childhood home by just browsing through vaguely remembered street names.