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  • Retired "Retired, and enjoying my free time. ... - Works well on Husband.Mainly I open this can at night so the Uranium Ore can breathe. I put the opened can close to my husband's pillow, and I've noticed since I started doing that (last May) that my husband has started doing many chores around the house without my asking. It's wonderful Uranium ore and doesn't appear to be evaporating from being left open at night, even though the fan blows air across it all night long toward DH face. Also, when we went on vacation, and swam in the pool, he could stay underwater for a really long time. I ordered and finished my Margarita before he came up for air!! I teased him that it looked like he was sprouting gills because his neck looks, I don't know, kind of ruffled?? I do need new glasses though. Since I've retired I've not wanted to get my chores done, so I've started sleeping in the guest room to stay away from the good effects of the Uranium ore. I just don't want to do chores willingly, I want to spend most of my time playing and writing my stories!

    I highly recommend this can of Uranium Ore. I wish it came in larger cans and they could also sell a stronger form as well. I would definitely purchase it as soon as it comes on the market!! BUY THIS, you won't be sorry!
  • Solveig - Its amazing!!!I love love love this machine!!! I have suffered from hirtutism for multiple years, I have started and stopped going to the professionals for hair laser treatment (as it was to expensive for me). I finally, and after much research, bought the Remington IPL light machine. I have used it for two months now, and I am proud to say you can hardly see any reminants of once was dark patches with black thick hairs. I am soo happy with this product that i am telling everyone!! I even told my doctor so that he could let other patients of this product know. I feel soo good about how i look now, i can even go with out the concealer if needed!!.
  • SouthernAmazoner - Five stars is not enough!My baseball and softball days are long gone and far behind me. Nevertheless, I know a top quality bat when I hold one. In a time when it seems all the stuff we buy comes from China, it's reassuring that the old Louisville Slugger is still being churned out. I still have my bat from twenty-five years ago. I compared it to this new one I got from Amazon Vine to review. No comparison, the "olden days" bats are a joke. When you hold the new Louisville, you can tell how much pride and workmanship goes into making it. It actually feels like you are holding something special--because you are.
  • Dale R. Shank - Best Tax Software aroundBeing a former Enrolled Agent with IRS, and having worked several years preparing income taxes for individuals, small business and corporations, I must say that H &R Block's home tax prep software is the best. I have used it for years to do my own taxes, and find it is simple and easy to use, and very reliable.