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  • HesaidShesaid - Awesome Game. Must BuyGreat game. I was a bit skeptical at first since I have never owned a work out video game. But I read lots of reviews about this game on this websit and other ones too. So I bought the game and it's excellent. It really kicked my butt the first day. I didn't think I was working out that hard and I was sore.. And I am an active person too run 5x week etc.. just needed some extra at home exercises to do. This beats the price of a gym membership.

    Must buy.

  • Erik Samson - So you thought you'd might like to go to the show....With songs like "In the flesh?", "Run Like Hell," and "Another Brick In The Wall pt.2," The Wall just might be Floyd's darkest, hardest album. The lyrics certainly reflect that, telling the story of a disturbed young man whose life becomes so chaotic that he creates a sort of mental barrier between himself and the world, only to have it torn down, "exposing him in front of his peers," as the second to last song suggests. Throughout his life, our flawed protagonest deals with the death of his father, vicious teachers, an overbearing mother, the pain of growing up in a harsh world full of war and pain. He has a chaotic marriage ("Day after day, love turns gray..."). He becomes a drug-addicted rock star, and loses all of his privacy to the media and to fans. In the end all of demons come back to confront him in the absolutely stunning climatic song "The Trial." The story is dark, engrossing, and symbolic of our lives, and the trouble we go to in order to seperate ourselves from others. Wall could have made an excellent novel, if you ask me.But above and beyond the story is the music in which it is contained. While Dark Side Of The Moon featured longer, slower songs which unfolded slowly and bled into one another, the songs on Wall are shorter and louder, more hard rock than progressive. "Young Lust," for example, is a fast paced flat out rocker reminescent of Physical Grafitti era Led Zeppelin. It's driven by a tough as nails guitar riff, a pounding bass line, and an instantly memorable chorus ("oooooooooooh.... I need a dirty woman!")
    The album's oppener, "In The Flesh?," is a darkly cynical number that is a bit slower than most of The Wall's songs. It makes up for this with some of David Gilmour's most intense guitar work, as well as some of Waters' snarliest, most bitter and sarcastic lyrics ("Tell me is something eluding you, Sunshine/ Is this not what you expected to see?/ If you want to find out what's behind these cold eyes/ You'll just have to crawl your way through this disguise").
    The album does have its softer moments, though. "Mother" is a tuneful accoustic ballad whose lyrics go from refreshingly sweet to darkly disturbing ("Hush my baby, baby don't you cry/ Mamma's gonna make all your nightmares come true/ Mamma will put all her fears into you").
    "Comfortably Numb" is a rich and textured song about drug addiction. It's extremely engrossing, and easy to get lost in. Its lush accoustic guitar chords make it sound like a DSOTM cut.
    "Hey You" is a seemingly tender cry for help, which contains my favorite lyric on the album: "But it was only fantasy. The wall was too high, as you can see. No matter how he tried he could not break free.... And the worms ate into his brain."
    "Run Like Hell" is the darkest, hardest, and most cynical track on the album. It's music sounds like something from a queen album (Which is a good thing), and the lyrics talk about a guy who just can't get any privacy.
    And how could I leave out the Wall's most famous feature, the infamous "Happiest Days Of Our Lives/ Another Brick In The Wall pt. 2" medely? The ultamite song of adolescent rebellion, with the immortal line "Hey! Teachers! Leave them kids alone!" That's one of the harder songs on the album, and one of my early favorites. But, as any Floyd fan will tell you, its not the best thing the Wall has to offer.More than any other Pink Floyd record, the Wall is epic. Its a perfect balance of thought provoking lyrics and great music. Its what makes Floyd great.
  • J. Krueger "Antioch" - Book of Lactose (Chapter 3, verses 5-13)Tuscan Whole Milk Creed:

    ...And Saint Gristedes raised his glass up on high, saying, "O Lord, bless this Thy empty glass that with it Thou mayest nourish Thine self with Thy mercy." And the Lord did grin and the angles did sing. The Lord spake, saying, "Gristedes, thou shalt receive Thy nectar of Thy grace. The blessed Tuscan Whole Milk!" And Saint Gristedes did gaze upon the light and say, "Oh Lord, how mayest Thy nourish Thine self with such?" And the Lord spake again, saying, "First shalt thou remove the Holy Safety Seal and Holy cap, then shalt hold to Thine mouth. The mouth be the place Thou shalt place the Tuscan Whole Milk, and the place shall be the mouth. Only the mouth shalt be the place, and the place shalt only be the mouth. Once Thou mouth has graced, drink thou thy Tuscan Whole Milk and be nourished, in my sight, with my blessing, forever and ever, till the cows come home." Amen.
  • Dietrich H. Hertel "I need new stuff." - Changed my life.I have the Lowe's exclusive version of this grill. The only difference is it says: "Commercial Series" on the lid. Costco carries an exclusive all stainless version. The internal and functional parts are all the same on these three models.

    The Infrared Technology is awesome. I've had mine for about 18 months so far. I'm on my third bottle of propane. I like to use it several times a week.

    Cleaning is a snap. The people that said otherwise are the ones that didn't read the instructions and season the grates before the first use. My cleaning routine is really simple. I take the food off. I take the food inside. The meat rests. I go back out and hit the grill with the brush. Only takes 30 seconds. I turn the grill off. Then the meat has rested and it's ready for serving or cutting. Then later I'll spray some oil on the grates, maybe once a week. Anything that falls through the grill to the IR grates is vaporized. Once every month or two I'll empty the ashes out of the IR grates. On start-up I'll let any residue from the previous session and the oil burn off while it gets to operating temp.

    Temperature regulation is unsurpassed. Since the temp gauges are under the IR grates they are very accurate. The front four inches run a little cooler than the rest of the grill. On a few occasions I've cooked whole meals on it with no problems. I seared a three pound roast on it then put it in a stock pot and slow cooked it with vegetables for three hours at 300 degrees. I've slow cooked a few pork roasts on it. My favorite is to put a dry rub on a Santa Anna steak and slow cook it for about two hours.

    I even cooked rice a roni on it while I was slow cooking a pork roast. A lot of times when I cook at low temps I only need to turn on one burner and even then only at 25%. In the summer here in AZ I heat it up and then turn it down to half. The gauges stay up all the way.

    The electronic ignition has worked flawlessly. Still on the first battery. When I take the IR grates off to dump them the firebox is pristine but a little ashy. Nothing gets down in there. It has a trap for grease but after grilling a dozen burgers it's still empty. The flare ups happen in the firebox below the IR grates. I love flipping the burgers and watching the grease go down and make lots of flames but they don't come up!

    It's not a burner but I'll put pots on it just the same. You could probably do some canning on it too.

    The only thing to note is that the sides of the firebox (where the shelves are attached) get very hot. Don't touch it there.
  • Amazon Aggie - Quick ReviewFor those who have not used SodaStream products before:

    Yes, it works. The flavors are generally very good, and using the trade-in program it costs me about 1/3 as much to make/drink sodas as it does to buy them from the store. Using the machine feels dangerous -- sort of like handling a live grenade -- but so far nothing has happened. I still have all of my fingers, eyes, etc.

    For those who have used SodaStream products and are looking to upgrade:

    This model is essentially the same as the baseline model except that you plug it in, and instead of pressing a button over and over, you push one button and the machine adds the fizz for you. This helps to reduce the fear of losing a finger (see above), but otherwise might not be worth the extra money.