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Essential Drugs Company Limited - EDCL - Essential Drugs Company Limited (EDCL) is a 100% state owned Pharmaceuticals Company in Bangladesh. In the year 1962 it was functioning under the then Central Government in the name & style of Government Pharmaceuticals Laboratory (GPL) and subsequently it was renamed as Pharmaceuticals Production Unit (PPU) in the year 1979.


Country: North America, US, United States

City: Boston, Massachusetts

  • K. McCray - ABSOLUTELY WORTH EVERY DIME I SPENT ON ITThis is hands down the best product Ive ever had. I started having problems around the age of 26(Now 30) and couldn't figure out what was wrong. Wasn't sure if it was my boyfriend whose PH was messing with mine or something else I've been using. But LADIES please try this contraption lol It really works!!! I didn't see a change the first day but buy the 3rd or 4th day. It takes a few days to get used to it and get a regimen going bc its just different. But now hunni My girly space is completely neutral. lol Oh and has been for months now. Hey just being truthful. Absolutely zero scent. Neutral. SO I'm back to normal and feel like my normal self again. Its very easy to clean and use. After sex you can away all the mess and feel back to normal. Thanks alot for helping us ladies out with this god send. Muah!
  • Lilac Lily - There is a CureWith "Healing Psoriasis" Dr. Pagano has created a book of hope for any sufferer of this disfiguring disease. The medical community isn't interested in finding a cure, and insists that, in fact, there is no cure at all for Psoriasis. Their only solution, is to prescribe creams that treat the problem topically, but mostly without lasting results.

    Here is where Pagano comes in. He offers a drug-free alternative. And it makes perfect sense (to me at least). In his book he describes a treatment plan for Psoriasis, that he has come up with after researching, and healing the disease for over 40 years.

    This isn't one of those books that promises an easy cure. If you want to get rid of Psoriasis, you have to make some drastic lifestyle changes. One of the key elements in this treatment is diet. You will have to avoid a lot of your favorites. Only then can your body heal from the inside out.

    The author is very good at breaking down all of the required steps, into small and manageable ones. I found the appendix very helpful, where Pagano goes over all the allowed and forbidden foods, and gives you some very handy lists for easy reference.

    The book includes a lot of before-and-after pictures of Dr. Pagano's psoriasis patients. And seeing their results is very encouraging and helps you to believe in the effectiveness of the treatment plan. The only thing I found disappointing is that in this updated book edition the pictures are only black and white. In the 1st book edition all the pictures were in color and covered a whole page. That just made more of an impression on me.

    But the inclusion of recipes in this edition made up for all that. I was kind of at a loss after reading the original book, because I had no clue of what to eat. So I was glad to discover that the updated version included actual recipes.

    Overall, a helpful and easy to understand book which I couldn't recommend more!
  • SteveAB4EL - Like it so much, bought a second one!NOTE AFTER 9 MONTHS DAILY USAGE (two of these drives): Flawless performance! Read the original review, it is still true.

    I bought this particular product because I need high capacity "live" and fast storage while I consolidate and re-organize the video materials that underlie the almost 900 YouTube videos I have created.

    I bought a USB 3 adapter (Winstars WS-UH302P USB 3.0 PCI-Express Card, 2 external port) from a local computer vendor: the data transfer rate difference between USB3 and USB2 is well worth the cost of the adapter ... and the price on this HDD device is excellent! The transfer rate of the drive itself is excellent.

    Discovered one of the "smart" aspects of this Seagate drive: when you power the computer down, this expansion drive also powers down. At first I was irritated that it didn't have a power switch, but now understand why a switch isn't needed :^)

    When running, the case is barely warm to the touch ... the design and placement of the passive venting holes appears to have been done right.

    Under Windows 7, you just plug it in and the needed driver is automatically taken care of. (Under Win2000Pro, the anti-virus tried to block the automatic driver set up ... easily remedied.)

    Unlike some USB3-based stand alone products, the USB3 cable in the box is long enough to reach! They did not skimp on that.

    The upshot is this: I liked the first one so much, I shortly bought another of the same (and same USB3 adapter) for my other Win7 machine.

    If this drive crashes (somehow) prematurely, I'll let you know. In the meantime, I am very happy with my choices.
  • Kate "Kate" - Evolution in Action!This is the ONE VIDEO GAME I PLAY. My kids also love it. It gets a little boring as it goes on, if I could stay in the creature stage forever I'd be perfectly happy. I don't think anyone I know cares for the space missions. I just blow up my planets after they get to that stage and start over.