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  • Edward C. Callahan Jr. "voracious reader" - Kindle for businessMy wife encouraged me to buy the Kindle after she saw Jeff Bezos on Oprah with the discount coupon offered by Oprah. My goal was to have a device on which to read business books. I have often wanted to quote something I read in a business book and been frustrated because it is not with me or I can't find it even when I find the book. Kindle solves all that. I can open a book on Kindle and search key words and be brought directly to the reference I want to use. Since it is online it is also able to look up the definitions of unfamiliar words as I come across them. What if I ever lost it or broke it? Everything I have ever bought is backed up for me automatically in Amazon's "cloud". By the way, it stores up to 200 books and then you can add an SD storage card if you have to do so. Now all Amazon has to do it manufacture more of them!
  • Kenan Cain - niceReceived tablet now for a couple of weeks and it is working wonderful, my product was delivered on time and the battery life is also amazing. love Samsung galaxy products.