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  • Kaulo27 - An excellent articulation of the moral foundation for the Progressive agendaQuite simply brilliant.

    You can see that Sam has taken every criticism of his famous TED.com talk on board.

    Personally, the key idea I garnered from this book is that Sam is essentially constructing a philosophical foundation for the progressive left agenda by taking a pick axe to what has been traditional viewed as the Right's monopoly on morality based politics. Essentially, Sam is arming the Left with the necessary rhetorical weaponry to return fire on the moral arguments of the Right. This book stakes a claim in the Rights rhetorical and discursive territory regarding morality and spells the beginning of the end for the Right's relative monopoly on the subject.

    In terms of his writing style, this book strikes a balance between straight talk and academic speak, with a number of key studies numerically referenced in each chapter.

    Inspiring stuff to any person considering leaving the religious fold.
  • TO - Healing Psoriasis: The Natural AlternativeI am living proof "The Natural Alternative" WORKS!!! It takes hard work, determination, consistency, patience and faith. It also doesn't hurt to have the best doctor and friend Dr John O.A. Pagano he's my savior.
    I am the "T.O." in the book and yes at the age of 36 I still have psoriasis but I control it! With a lifestyle change of diet is the key. Still I have bouts but that is due to my own, going "amuck with my diet" and you may soon see a spot or a patch, I know I need to stay truly regimented. Why not, is healthy and my skin and my body and my weight is the best ever!!!!!! Just do it, your body will thank you. Don't fret, in order to eliminate all the toxins from your body you may become worse (a flare up) but its just all getting out of your system. Thank you Dr. Pagano, my hero. T.O.