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  • H Goodwin - 2 years later..I managed to lose quite a bit of weight on this program although I have since moved on to different things, but my boyfriend is still going strong 2 years later! He loves (and hates) all of the workouts, especially the cardio. I favored the strength training because, let me tell you, the cardio will kick your ass!

    As an asthmatic, I can tell you first hand that this is not easy on your lungs, and I can't personally recommend it, but if you are healthy, go for it. I had to use my inhaler multiple times, even on Advair, and I came very close to a full blown asthma attack once. Just be very careful.

    The workouts themselves are insane, but not so hard as to discourage you from participating. The first few weeks are hell: Sweaty, painful hell. And then your strength comes. I have never been able to do so many pull ups in my life (25 in a row, no assistance...and I'm a woman) For some reason, I felt confident on this program. I felt like I could do anything after one of Tony's famous 60 minute ass-whoopings!

    Tony is likable and humorous. You can tell he loves what he does, and his passion shines through. Normally, I tend to ignore the hosts of these programs, but he managed to engage me, and a few times, his words actually helped me push through.

    Personally, I found the food program to be totally doable. Some of the recipes were downright delicious (Steak and arugula salad, anyone?) This is definitely not a starvation diet. You will eat well. I think it's excellent because not only does the plan pack on the flavor, it teaches you to see food as fuel instead of a pastime. I usually hate diets, but I felt great on this one, it was quite an easy transition, and it didn't kill my wallet.

    I definitely recommend this for people (like me) who wish to tone up and lose a few pounds, and for people (like my boyfriend) who want to define and strengthen muscle. As lame as it sounds, this was a really fun couple's activity and it gave us a goal to work towards together.

    Try it out!
  • Angela C. Larson - pretty amazingAfter years of suffering and no diagnosis, I was weak to the point that I couldn't even wash my hair in the shower without exhaustion and pain. I really thought there would just be a day when I wouldn't wake up in the morning. I prayed and prayed for whatever was wrong with me to be revealed. After what seemed like every test under the sun, my gastro doctor had me perform a breath test, which revealed a high level of bad bacteria in my small intestine (SIBO). He basically told me to stay away from milk, take a special antibiotic, and all would be well. He was wrong. I was still so miserable. A nutritional panel was run, and I was deficient in multiple vitamins and minerals. My intestines were not absorbing nutrients. After doing my own research, I came upon this book. I can honestly say that this is what saved me. I followed the diet very strictly, and after about four months, I started to feel like myself again. I do take vitamin supplements, and I cannot live without the yogurt (regular cow's milk). After 2+ years, I am still not able to eat many foods. I have decided that if I want to feel well, this is the basic diet I need to follow. Is it easy? NO. But it is so much better than the alternative. I wish doctors were more educated about nutrition. It is truly the key to overall well-being.
  • Linda Bartunek - Elizabeth was very smartThis is a very interesting read. It gives one insight into people and how they can manipulate, frighten and coerce another person to do the things wanted by the deviate in charge. She gave a very good view of how to manipulate people who are narcissistic and delusional. I liked the way she kept up her courage and remains the person she was. It was scary, and an insightful look into delusional mind(s), and how by having faith and believing in God and her family, she survived. I am so glad she was able to come back to her life and go on. Hopefully there aren't too many problems left. I think she is strong and very insightful. Her belief in God and His powers is wonderful. Glad I read it.
  • Judy E "Judy E" - Great Sound - Easy to UseHad a Panasonic Home Theatre/Blue Ray combo that proved impossible to set up and use with a Samsung TV. Back to WalMart it went... So, here comes the Bose Solo. Wish we had gotten it first and saved the headache of trying to make the Panasonic work. The Bose Solo is so easy to set up and the sound can't be beat. It's a win/win in my book.