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  • Emer Doyle - A great book, definitely worth the read!I am an avid fantasy reader, so I was initially reluctant to pick this up, I tend to find 'sci fi' quite bleak and difficult to read. However I was in need of something new, and this was recommended. I decided to forgo my usual reluctance due to the outstanding reviews this has received. I am very happy to add my review to all the others that are praising this book - it is brilliant. Yes, the subject matter is still bleak, but it is brilliantly handled. Part of the attraction does lie, I think, in the fact that most of our darker thoughts/fears/dreads have crossed this notion at some time or another, and it is a very interesting take on what could happen if this happened. It reads very much like a thriller at times, and I enjoyed the characters immensely. It is indeed a real page-turner. Even if you are not a fan of the genre, you would not regret giving this story a go. I certainly didn't, and am now ploughing my way through the next book in the series!
  • Janet H "Janet" - quickenloved this quicken for our computer for downloading our bank statement etc. Nixce at the end of the year, I can print out the medical etc. to get ready for taxes! Quicken is a must.
  • lb136 "lb136" - "Designed to create corpses by due process of law"In "Bring up the Bodies," Hilary Mantel's second novel about Henry VIII's Master Secretary and Master of the Rolls, Thomas Cromwell, the action centers around the removal of Anne Boleyn, queen according to some; concubine according to others. La Ana has become even more shrewish, manipulative, and possessive as Henry's eyes and heart stray inevitably toward the low-maintenance Jane Seymour.

    Cromwell is tasked with arranging the transition.

    The Master Secretary, a commoner, does just that by adapting the enemy of an enemy is my friend tactics, and with psychological brutality he manages to charge his enemies with the crime of adultery, and Anne, of course, with treason. And of course the inevitable happens. For Cromwell, it was all about getting her before she got him. There's no romance here. No glory. No sympathy.

    Unlike the first book, "Wolf Hall," which introduced readers to a character who they were at best only marginally familiar with, in this volume the interest is in the revisionist telling of familiar events.

    And there is an interesting subtext: the book is also about the end of the era of chivalry. At one place, Cromwell observes that England has probably witnessed its last true joust. It was 1535. The Wars of the Roses had ended 50 years before. The Middle Ages had waned. Machiavelli had arrived. So had perspective.
  • Adam Clarke - Exposed skincare basic kit - best acne product availableExposed acne skincare kit is a very good product on the whole the different ingredients used in each product blend together and create the perfect balancing act for your skin. First off the gentle facewash is very gentle and doesnt irritate your skin at all and then coupled with the salicylic toner and then finished off with the benzoyl peroxide day cream it creates a perfect blend to keep your skin healthy during the day make sure you use moisturiser staright after these and your skin will glow. the salicylic night cream and the exfoliating cloth are the best two products i use the clothe in the shower to scrub the facewash off and then use the cream after which is very soothing and feels great oon your skin and also works a treat. Overall i have given this 5 star because it is currently the best product available.
  • KKuse - SimCity Restored!Look around the so called reviews and you can see the en masse of fake ones, those that don't support DRM and all that madness. While I may not be an avid DRM supporter myself it still does not mean you demean such a vibrant beautiful game. There is so much complexity and depth in this game than previous iterations..while the maps may not be huge in scale, it still adds so much flavor under the box it leaves you wanting to keep playing more and more. Personally I have not seen any issues with the Dreaded Origin program running in the background, but only time will tell if it will continue to be a smooth experience.

    If you loved previous SimCity games you will not be disapointed with this pickup. So don't listen to the naysayers out there, most haven't even bought the product to do a legitimate review of the game. All I know is this is a game I will keep playing for a long time from now. So much to do and so many map variants and tools to create a city of wonders!

    Review the Game, not the Publisher...