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  • RHC86 - A Must Buy for College High School Senior ParentsAs a parent this is a great book to have. Granted its 3 inches thick. But we were able to find and apply to a number of scholarships which resulted in almost $10K in aid for our college freshman.

    You have to apply to win - but it does work.

    Would I buy these again - Most definitely!
  • Karen F. Blocher "fantasy writer and blogger" - Hours of infotainment!When you're a Doctor Who fan, there is more merchandise available than you can possibly buy, unless you are that happy combination, both rich and obsessed. The question thus becomes, which of the latest books, toys, video, audio, etc. are the must haves? What gives me the most bang for my buck? I rate The Brilliant Book 2011 very high on that scale. There is more fun to be had with this book than, for example, a recent Doctor Who novel.

    Essentially a modern, adult-friendly update of the "Annual" concept, this is a 132-page, heavily illustrated book, full of photos from the 2010 series of Doctor Who. But that's not what's so great about it. Each Eleventh Doctor story from Series One/31/Fnarg gets a two-page spread, including a synopsis, a "magic moment" from the story, some "Fantastic Facts," etc. Nice, but not essential, especially if you get every issue of Doctor Who Magazine and watch Doctor Who Confidential. BUT! You also get bits of deleted dialogue, and "behind the scenes" interview material with Steven Moffat and others. Ah, now we're getting somewhere!

    Surrounding these episode-based spreads are interviews with Moffat, Matt Smith, Karen Gillan and Murray Gold, plus producer Beth Willis taking you through the entire production process and Gareth Roberts' detailed and amusing insights into writing for Doctor Who. But what really makes this book so much fun is the ancillary features of new material to accompany the various episodes. Mark Gatiss brings us excerpts from Churchill's diary, for example, with glimpses of scenes from the great man's many encounters with the Doctor. (In so doing, Gatiss also manages to close the worst of the episode's plot holes.) Rory's stag party is commemorated with pictures and comments from a "Twitbook" page, including a partygoer's boasts about going home with the girl the doctor replaced in the cake. Gareth Roberts tells us about all the ancillary characters who never made it into "The Lodger," and how their lives were affected by the Doctor's brief tenancy. There is even an original Doctor Who short story by Brian Aldiss, although frankly it's the least impressive thing in the book.

    My husband was initially annoyed that I'd added this book to my Amazon order, so I could get free shipping on Murray Gold's recent Doctor Who CD Doctor Who: Series 4 - The Specials. After five minutes with the book, he wasn't annoyed anymore. "You're right," he said. "This is a good book!" Trust me: from my husband, that's high praise!
  • Hector - Really 4 1/2 stars, but ill give it fivethis album presents rogers first anger at the world on a full scale. attacking people ranging from regular citizens ('sheep') politicians ('dogs') and mary whitehouse and the like ('pigs') this album is also notable for dave's excellent guitar work on all three tracks, but the only thing bad i can say is that roger was taking too much control of the band, and they should have kept the lyrics simpler and more direct, a la DSotM or WYWH. good for someone whos venturing deeper into the world of pink floyd.