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Country: Europe, DE, Germany

  • C. Holmes - FIFA = Novice / PES = ProfessionalBefore the FIFA fans start commenting, know that I own both games and the two really have very little in common. FIFA is clearly designed for the casual gamer who wants the simplicity of buying a game that has the majority of the editing and background work done for them (This IS a good thing). PES 2012 is for serious futbol fans who are truly invested and don't mind updating their teams rosters or making improvements throughout the period of ownership (Konami provides updates, but only as far as their licenses will let them). The game play for both games is also setup in a similar way. FIFA is much simpler/basic and the AI is a little easier and predictable even at the highest levels. Great for those who are new to soccer games. In PES you must know basic soccer strategy to be successful for any level above average. The graphics in both games (I use a PS3) are also different. In FIFA the backgrounds, players, and environment look very polished in that you can tell it is a video game as everything has a particular shine to it that just doesn't seem right. Don't get me wrong it looks great, but a little too great if that makes sense. In PES, assuming you have done some editing work, the players, the pitches, and the environments are as real as you can get currently. Actually import photographs, etc. I am really impressed with this years options for editing in both PES and FIFA.

    If you are on the fence between the two games ask yourself if you are just wanting a general soccer game to pop in every once and awhile or if you want a deeper soccer experience. If you get PES and you want it to work as well as it can it will take some effort on your part. To see what I mean, I would suggest going to your favorite search engine and looking for PES forums (PES Gaming is a good one) or PES option files. For true PES fans (those claiming long-term loyalty) the decision between these two games is very simple. Others can whine all they want about the long-standing cursor issue (not really a problem) but if you are not willing to provide input to the game of how you want to play and how you want it to perform then you should get FIFA.
  • Fayrae - WorksProtects your seats and interior!! Had two labs dragging mud and a gallon of water spilled back there and just drug it out and shook it! All good.