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Eko-Teknik Sdn Bhd - Supplier of Nuclear, Scientific and Medical Equipments in Malaysia - Eko-Teknik Sdn Bhd - Supplier of Nuclear, Scientific and Medical Equipments in Malaysia

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  • Douglas Dodds "greyhound" - Fine tax software, yet again

    I've been using H&R Block At Home (formerly TaxCut) for years, and have generally been very happy. It has gotten incrementally better each year. This year was no exception. It was easy to use, better than before in a few places. I finished my taxes in just a couple of days (after my wife and I did the tedious part -- assembling all the expenses and deductions in ready-to-enter form). It's a good product, consistent and getting better. I got it at a great price this year. I only wish they could figure out how to reduce the cost of e-filing the state taxes...

  • Sean - Only book I used

    This book has taught me so much! There are two ways to study for the NCLEX - do question after question and hope you'll learn something from them, essentially cramming every disease known to man in your brain. Or, read about how the questions are formed and what the writers of the exam are looking for - get to know the test maker so you can figure out what they choose is the best answer, even if you don't know the disease!

    This book has allowed me to answer questions correctly about diseases or techniques I've never even heard of. Lets face it, the NCLEX is about passing the exam, not teaching you about how to be a nurse; that is what your orientation is for when you get a job. You have the basic knowledge if you've made it through a program, now figure out the questions and you're good to go!

    As a bonus, I took the exam on the disc first. Then I read the entire book and took the exam in the back, and scored over 10% higher! These questions are definitely NCLEX style and difficulty. The strategies given are awesome and will teach you how to pass! The only thing that would make it better are drug flash cards.