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  • Morris - This Garmin does a great job getting you to where you are going

    My first ordered was defective and quit working in about a week. Amazon responded quickly, replaced it with another one that is working great. The original one, however, made a couple mistakes in direction - suggesting right turns when they should have been left. But didn't find that in but two cases.

  • Kermit Van Roekel - Great tablet

    Little tough learning and you must realize that tablet apps are not the same as a full pc. Good unit, nice screen. Wife loves it, perfect size.

  • Zlata - Great addition to the Skip Hop Zoo line

    I recently purchased this for my son as an adorable addition to his set of the matching monkey backpack and lunchie (lunch bag) from the same line. I already love those two items and am initially impressed with this item as well. The luggage is appropriately sized for a child and it makes it fun for him to use when traveling. The wheels are easy to roll forwards or backwards and the item seems to be well-made for the price, as is typical for other Skip Hop items I've owned. The smaller front pocket has a divider that helps with organization and the cup/bottle holder on the side is a kid-friendly addition. Keep in mind that you can't have it filled with any liquids when going through an airport security line, though.
    The big interior pocket of the bag is roomy enough to pack enough clothing for a child for a weekend trip. The parent strap makes it so you can easily sling the bag over a shoulder if the child gets tired of pushing/pulling it, but a more thoughtful detail would have been to include 2 straps so it could be carried as a backpack. I also think that the zipper pull details are a cute touch (bananas for the monkey bag. Other designs have design coordinating pulls as well.) Note that the pulls for the large compartment can get a little dirty and drag on the ground if they are zipped all the way down to the bottom corner of the bag. To avoid this, just make sure they are adjusted to be somewhere else when zipping the bag shut.
    The bag is very lightweight on its own. It also has a detail that's not pictured on the stock photos here on Amazon: there's a little tab on the center of the back of the bag to tuck the parent strap away when not in use. This keeps it from swinging around and getting in the way.
    I'll update my review in a few months after I've used the bag a bit more, but I'm glad I made the purchase for now.

  • Bradley Helms - IGNORE THE 1 STAR REVIEWS

    I cann't understand all the "1 star" reviews other than people being bitter from the DRM.
    I confess that I am not a hard-core "gammer" and this might not be for them.
    However for the occasional computer game player and Wii/PS3 player, this is great!
    It is not overly challenging but lots of fun.
    I played it for 4 hours yesterday and cann't wait to get home to play again.

    If the reader of these reviews will realize, most of the 1 star reviews are people who HAVENT EVEN BOUGHT THE GAME. They are upset about the DMR.

    As for "renting" the game, I would suggest the following: If you (as an average player) play SPORE (or somethinge else) for100 and then never touch it agian you are averaging 50 cents an hour for fun. Not bad if you are renting it or owning it. At that point, who cares? I cann't think if a single video game that I bought 3 years ago and am still playing today.

  • Ryan Messner "dailymess" - Received the Wrong Product... But Very Pleased!

    I purchased this item after carefully reading the rave reviews online. Although the item shipped quickly, it took approximately four weeks to arrive. After 30 days of built up anticipation, I was disappointed to discover that the seller shipped me a gallon of cheese packaged in a Tuscan milk container. A novice mistake.

    Rather than return the item, I decided to use it for sandwiches, pasta, wine parties, and kebabs. For those that have never tried Tuscan cheese before, they don't separate the curd from the whey, which makes it much more watery, yellowish, and sour than traditional cheeses.

    In addition, it did cause some abdominal pain in all those who consumed it. Although, after ingesting large quantities over the course of a month, I built up a tolerance and eventually the extreme diarrhea dissipated.

    Overall, I would highly recommend the Tuscan Cheese, and have tried contacting the seller in regards to getting a reorder, although they informed me that there is no such thing. Clearly, this was a new product that I received accidentally, and they are waiting for it to age more before offering it to the public. Until then, I'll try ordering the milk again.