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  • Glen T. Lukasik - I CAN'T BELIEVE HOW WELL THIS PRODUCT WORKS!I have been through so many different types of shirts, trying to make sure that I will either seat less, or that sweat won't show. The problem I have is that when I "pop, I can't stop". I've joked about it in the past, because once I start sweating, I need to be right in front of a fan blowing cool air, in order to stop. my body temperature can quickly spike, but it takes forever for it to come back down. If I take a glass of ice water and chug it, I will actually start sweating... it's like my body tries to over-compensate for the cold water it just took in. Right before I purchased this product, I was buying expensive golf shirts (which I still love and wear) to try to keep me from sweating. They look good, but they didn't really help... my underarms are the worst, because the can't really get any ventilation unless you raise your arms... but who wants to raise their arms if they have sweaty pits? The first time I used this product, I didn't read the directions very well, and I rubbed the pads on my underarms, which irritated them pretty badly. I did stop sweating though... for about 9 days. I then read the directions and realized I needed to only "dab" the pads on my underarms. I sometimes forget to use the product every 7 days, because it will work sometimes 9-15 days before I start noticing I am sweating under my arms. I still sweat under my arms when I work out, but my day-to-day improvement is amazing! I hope it can help you as much as it does me!
  • Shelba - Finally relief for IBSI have suffered from IBS off and on for many years. It progressively worsened as I grew older. Since I started the Align, I have had welcome relief. It is the first product to control my symptoms without causing more problems. The doctor prescribed medications caused more problems than cures. I would recommend it for a trial to anyone suffering from IBS.
  • Richard S. Myers - Disney tripOne of the best books I have seen on the market for Disney World. Wish my wife and I had this before we took out 1st trip 2 yrs ago. Very useful information. My totally disabled, have to use an electric wheel chiar getting around the parks. This book helps in chooseing what I can see, and how I can see the attraction.
  • J.E. Ocean "The SilverPen Reviewer" - Trend Micro Titanium 2012: The Strength You NeedBeing on the web without antivirus protection, is like a boy making love to his girlfriend without contraception and hoping she doesn't get pregnant.
    There are a lots of programs to choose from, and if you're like most people, you want a good value for your hard-earned money.

    You also might want to use something that isn't always reminding you it's there, with annoying pop up windows, daily alerts and usage messages. All I really want is safe passage while I surf the web with out needless software distractions. Something that won't bog down my computer, and doesn't get in the way. But you also want a name that's been tried and true, or at least has a good reputation. And I feel I found that value and reputation in Trend Micro Titanium. The 2012 version is just now hitting the shelves.

    I first installed the program on a computer at work and it got conflicted with the primary program that we use there. It slowed the computer down and my boss requested that I remove it.

    I was not dissuaded from using it on my personal net book at home. You may wonder how I got the disc to load on a net book without a CD driver. It's easy. Go to their site, and start the download. When the window pops open asking you what version you are down loading, say paid and type in the key code on you disc. I had it installed and ready to run in under three minutes.
    With the maximum-security protection, you can extend your protection to smart phones and tablets, including Android devices. It came with a disc for a Mac and a pc (I don't have a Mac) with a Quick Start Guide and a 30-day money back guarantee.

    I used my net book with out any hassles, and no more usage popup screens. It ran easily on my net book and didn't slow anything up in the least. Although I've only been using a few weeks I utilize lots of wi-fi hotspots and will be putting this program through the paces. So far, I am happy with it and would recommend it to my friends for their net books and PC's.