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  • Godaddy - Best Best Colleges Ever!I found this book to be incredibly helpful. I bought it for the rankings and directory but there was so much more. The chapter on Raising your odds of getting in had some really good advice. I enjoyed reading about a road trip to colleges in 3 states. It really takes the guesswork out of looking for colleges. So glad it was offered as an Ebook!!
  • Joel S. Teig "tigertoo" - Relief for Intestinal DistressI have been taking Align for about two months. Over that period of time, this medication, that was suggested to me by my gastroenterologist, has slowly, but steadily, calmed the intestinal waves and gas attacks I had suffered with for more than a year. The medication actually makes things a little worse for the few couple of weeks, but after that period time, when the bacteria contained in Align takes over the flora in the intestine there is a calming. This medication should be tried by all those who have gas attacks and intestinal aches.
  • Chocobean - Best lightweight stroller-easy to collapse
    -good front and back breaks
    -taller handle for taller parents
    -no back bar for taller parents to kick
    -very large sun canopy
    -easy to adjust recline
    -has mesh that opens at the back
    -good weight limits
    -cushy foam handle
    -very small footprint (easy to fit through doorways/shopping aisles)
    -even smaller when folded
    -decent price

    only downsides:
    -needs two hands to unfold
    -fabric not removable for cleaning
    -not complete 180-degree recline
    -wheels will wear rather quickly
    -smaller storage area than full size strollers
    -doesn't come with peripherals
  • Karen Brown - InvaluableEach Fall semester I introduce my students to the PEN/O.Henry Prize Stories, and each semester we are surprised by the variety of the stories selected for inclusion. Lynn Freed's powerful "Sunshine," Leslie Parry's poignant and lyrical "The Vanishing American," the strange, and beautifully surreal-- "Windeye" by Brian Evenson, "The Black Square" by Chris Adrian--each of the twenty stories render our place in the world in a unique way. My students are introduced to writers, new and established, that they may have never read before, and they learn where to place themselves as writers of contemporary literature.
  • Justin - Best Gift for a Failing MarriageI forgot my wife's birthday the other day which happens to be the same day as our anniversary. She was really upset with me. We've been having some rough times being intimate and staying married and me forgetting her birthday/ anniversary was the last straw. I had to make it up to her. I had to show her I really cared. I decided to buy a gift to apologize for my past apathy and forgetfulness. I found these gems on amazon and presented them to her. WOW! What a turn of events! When she opened my gift and saw her new treasure, she was so excited. She even began to cry tears of joy from the sheer thought of gliding these bad boys across some blank pages. I see her walking around the house now and she is so happy with her new pens. Since using these pens, my wife's skin has become softer and brighter, her hair has become shiny and wavy, her breasts have grown two cup sizes, and to top it off, she's lost 15 pounds; She's a completely new woman!! Our marriage is so happy and healthy now and the intimate times... well... I'll let you fill in the blanks there ;-) I can't be more satisfied with my purchase!! Thanks BIC!! You're the best!!