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  • Lost in America - You will not believe the sound from this bluetooth speaker...I had 2nd thoughts after purchasing online, even went to listen to the Braven series (440,650,850), today. My TDK came in a week early (one of my reasons for canceling), showed up today! I am so glad I did not return/cancel/etc/ This is an unbelievable bluetooth speaker, with the sound comparable and maybe better to the Braven 850 (20 watts) and < half the cost!. I cannot believe there aren't any reviews to look at in the major pubs. with the exception of Consumer Reports and they gave it a best buy rating. The sound is simply clear, with the volume up loud or down low, no discernible distortion, clean sound. I used to have a pair of Klispch ($800 a pair) paired with a Yamaha Pure sound receiver made in the early 80's, they were awesome and this little unit reminds me of the clarity, not as loud of a course, but quality nonetheless. I listen to a varied music selection: Early Pink Floyd (listen to Echoes and you will not be disappointed), The Outlaws, Green Grass and High Tides), Genesis, Selling England by the Pound and Seconds Out!,King Crimson (In the Court...) etc. Thank you Amazon for initially halting the "stop my order" process. This is well worth the $119!!!!!!!! PS, I am using an iPhone 5s....EXCELLENT sound!
  • 34dd - 34a and sad to a 34dd and loving itSo i woke up the other morning not really paying attention to what I had thrown on to get the kids off to school. Miraculously, it ended up being this "3 wolf moon" t-shirt. Half awake with bed hair and mismatched shoes I made it to the bus stop with the kids. Oddly enough all of the stay at home dads were staring at me which made me quite self conscious. I looked down and realized why.....
    My usual 34A's suddenly were significantly larger and firmer, almost to the point that my husbands super cool wolf shirt was tight!
    How can this be? I have literally tried every thing in the book from lotions to pills to try and make the girls just a tad bit bigger.. But to no avail, nothing ever worked! I was currently in the process of saving up for surgery, when I went home and looked in the mirror....
    My girls suddenly became well..... Let's say more endowed... I tried to put on my bra for the day but there was nooooo way it was fitting... I made it a point to get formally fitted for some new ones......
    I went from a 34A to 34DD! Thank you so much 3 wolf moon t shirt! You saved me thousands of dollars and made my life so much better ( my husband's too).
    I recommend this shirt to all of my friends that are still in the itty bitty committee ....
    I've even purchased 5 more! Heck, a girl can never have enough back up 3 wolf moon t-shirts!
  • Casey Bianchi - Honestly how can you not love this bookI love the Honest Life, Jessica does a fantastic job of giving you tips and tricks and helping you understand the difference in all the "green" products out there. She made me feel good about my honest life, as she says I do the best I can do and occassionally I have to give in and buy a non-organic lipstick or something, but I try to keep my carbon footprint as small as I possibly can.
  • annie agardi - Fantastic book!This book gave me so many great ideas and it was a real eye opener! I realized what is the problem with "my team". I started implementing it and already see the result. And I did not even the finish the book. It is a must read book for all team leaders no matter what is their position in the company!
    EXCELLENT book!!
  • Larry T. Northern Cal - Makes a beautiful gift.My wife has collected Barbie dolls since she was a child and she is now in her late fifties. The 2012 Holiday Doll is absolutely beautiful and I know she will love it when she opens the box on Christmas morning. For all you collectors out there I would not pass this opportunity up to acquire this well made and beautiful doll.