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  • Jerry McGillivray - A Must Read!!!I recently obtained this book and believe it is one of the most important books for our times. I started to read it and couldn't put it down till I had read the whole thing. I have always had questions about the end of times and especially when the rapture would take place. Four years of Bible School, many hours of personal study, sermons and teachings over the years and now I feel I have some answers. The book so impressed me that I turned around and ordered 40 copies and have been handing them out to my pastor friends and anyone who would be interested in reading it. Check it out and if you see where John is missing it I know he would love to talk to you. Thank you Lord for giving this revelation to John and for his obedience in writing this book. Jerry McGillivray ECHO Ministry, Yuma,AZ
  • El Campo - Great referenceThis is an awesome little book to have. It is small and fits in pocket easily and has almost every drug you commonly use. I am an ER nurse in a level 1 trauma center and this book has been indispensible. I get the new versions every year they come out. As inexpensive as they are it is well worth it. Give your old one to a nursing student or something. You cannot go wrong.
  • Adolfo Foronda "aforonda" - A winner on VacationMy five year old saw the other kids at the airport with roller luggage and wanted to retire the backpack for one. So she picked this one out and we just took it on a 14 day trip and it held up great. She was able to pack it full of her favorite toys, the side netted pocket was perfect for a bottle of water and easily stow it under the seat as carry on for easy access to fun. The handle comes out easily, rolls good and most importantly is easy to open for her. One thing to note the pull up handle does not extend up to "average" adult height so expect to carry it if your kid is not feeling like dealing with it but thats where the top handle and shoulder strap really help.