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  • Ed - Virginia - Effortless, intuitive, and pwerfulI recently upgraded from SmartDraw 2010 to VP. I originally purchased the product about a year ago to use on a specific project where I needed some unique visuals and project management tools. It worked well for that, particularly the Mind-map feature. When I had another project come up recently, I was presented with the offer to upgrade to VP; all I can say is wow! The new version is beautiful, has more options, and more example templates. Without even thinking about the help function, I jumped right in and was making complex figures in no time. One really unique feature I really like is the export feature. For example, say you are working in a Word document and need to add a mind map diagram. You can fire up VP and create the figure. Using the export to Word option, the figure will be copied to the Word document where your cursor was placed when you left the document - a really handy feature. Overall, recommend highly for spicing up your communications and other reports.
  • Travis Anthony - Works greatI bought this a couple years ago, and it is still working just as well today. It was a "just cuz" gift for my girlfriend, and she uses it regularly. She wanted a tablet of some sort to play games, browse the web, and read books. Well, the Kindle Fire is the perfect device for it.

    The newer version seems better, but she has had no issues with this older one. And that is with regular use: watching videos, reading, browsing, Words-With-Friendsing, etc.
  • Anjana - Great weight loss supplementI like these liquid drops way better

    I've been taking raspberry ketone capsules for a month and it's been working. I know this is a weight loss supplement but the little energy boost I get is nice too. A lady at my office was raving about the liquid form so I decided to give it a shot and order a bottle to see if I liked it. If I don't eat before, sometimes the capsules would upset my stomach but that does not happen with the liquid. I am happy I made the switch.