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  • Dean "blues2u2" - I don't care what anyone says:That live 3 CD set called "Different Stages" that has the erector set pieces on the cover is fantastic too.

    This particular DVD is excellent in all it's over 3 hours: Highly recommended. The only thing that didn't need to be done was for Geddy to apoligize for the 'reckless indulgence' comment at the end of 'Leave That Thing Alone' because I believe it to be one of thier best songs and I personally groove on it when they play that instrumental. I always wanted to know what the inspiration was for that song.

    All of Rush's DVD's are good in one way or another especially the early stuff when they were starting out (the black and white stuff is facinating to see compared to the newer produced stuff but as they say it's progressive rock music and some of it can be construed as being a bit on the metal side of things, they should be commended for that alone but they have seen plenty of success) I still love the CD called Counterparts and it's one of my favorites! I saw them live on the Hold Your Fire tour years ago in Dallas Texas in 1988 and they lit the three balls on fire from the ceiling of the Reunion Arena and then dropped balloons all over the stadium, it was an awesom show, I still remember the lasers at that show seemed to reach out into the audience or looked like they did, I even have a DVD by them that I bought online that's called Tastes Like Chicken from a concert that was filmed by the audience and it's an awesome show even if the camera did move around too much, I trust the fans more than I do the professionals sometimes because it gives a different perspective on things.
  • JULIE DAVENPORT - The Flexbelt Feels AwesomeI have had the Flex Belt for several months now and I love it! I gained about 39lbs. from medication I was taking for migraines. As soon as I put the Flex Belt on I loved the way it feels. I have already lost 20 lbs. I will continue to use the Flex Belt as long as I have it. I wear it whenever I want and I don't have to stop what I am doing. I think anyone who wants to add to their exercise program should try this. I have let my husband use it and he loves it too!

    It has been awhile since this post. I have lost 9lbs. more. I have 10lbs. to go. The Flexbelt is helping me to get my slimmer tummy back. THANK YOU Flexbelt!!!!!