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  • Pat Hufford - Totally SatisfiedI have been using Quicken for years and can't imagine not having it. In all fairness, however, I have to say that, although it seems to offer a lot in terms of budgeting, financial extras, etc. I only use it for my savings and checking accounts. Perhaps if I was willing to spend time working with it, I could keep track of the various categories where our money is going, but I've set up my own budget system using Excel and my Daytimer and am happy with that.
  • Neil Stahl - It worked for me!Pardon my plain speaking but I want to make clear why I used this and what it did for me. For years my BM's usually had a good consistency; not runny not hard. Then I was urged to take a stiff round of antibiotics (unnecessary, as it turned out) and for months afterward I had constipation problems. I dealt with it by eating prunes and tried raw sauerkraut and the recommended yoghurt, and that helped but didn't solve the problem. Having read about our biomes for some time, I was sure the antibiotics had knocked out my good little critters. I decided to try a probiotic supplement. I happened to have a coupon for Phillips, so tried it. After just a few days of taking one pill a day I (we) seem to have gotten back to the good old days.

    I do have to wonder about continuing to take it. Shouldn't it establish itself in your gut and stay till the next time something untoward happens to it, at which time you could take some more pills?
  • Dean Lombardo - Zimmer's book is fascinatingFlukes that can cleverly induce their snail and piscine hosts right into a hungry bird's beak; wasps that lay their eggs inside caterpillars and spiders, forcing these unfortunate hosts to nurture the wasp larvae after they hatch; and yes, tiny parasites that can manipulate and outwit human immune and nervous systems -- all to continue the parasite's life cycle ... at our expense.
    Zimmer intensified my interest in parasitology when I read his Discover magazine article "Do Parasites Rule the World?" This led me to his "Parasite Rex" which more comprehensively explores the dominating role that parasites play in global ecosystems.
    Organisms that biologists had long regarded as nothing more than a freeloading nuisance have since been found to control not only their hosts' behavior but to shape the evolution of organisms as complex as human beings. Zimmer provides a generous supply of well-researched examples and anecdotes on the various types of parasites and their behavior as well as the different and ingenious ways parasites can overcome their hosts' defenses.
    And once this reality threshold has been established, Zimmer examines others' treatment of parasites in the works of science fiction, some eerily lifelike, others laughable, but each in its own right fascinatingly familiar for those courageous enough to have taken interest in the biology of these highly underrated, often-scorned creatures.
  • Blair Arnold - Definitely recommendI have been using exposed skin care for nearly a year now. I have tried so many products and never saw any results. Very frustrated and running out of options, I began to research solutions online and came across a survey that rated all popular acne treatments and Exposed was at the top of the list. Hesitantly, I ordered this kit and was surprised and pleased. I saw results within and week, and have been a loyal customer ever since.
  • flower child - Norton got ride of a trojanI have been using AVG Free for years at the recommendation of my local library but I "caught" a trojan and AVG kept flashing a screen saying they got rid of it but then gave me the warning again a minute later. After I dowloaded Norton it flashed the same warning once then it was done.