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  • F. Sandner "WellLady07" - Answer to prayer

    I have had Ulcerative Colitis since May 2011, and have gotten progressively worse since then. April 2012 I almost died because of malnourishment. My friend told me about this book and when I read the first testimony/review, I didn't hesitate, I ordered it immediately! I've been on the diet for three weeks and since then I've noticed an increase in energy, and best if all a happier colon! While I'm on this diet I'm praying for healing and healthier eating habits. I would recommend this fantastic book to anyone who has/ or knows anybody with any of the diseases listed on the cover of this book.

  • OzMo - The Best to date.

    If you ride the "i" band wagon then there is not much I will probably be able to tell you. If not then it is simple, this is the best tablet available right now.
    As with many people out there I have read the reviews and yes you can get a bad tablet that is DOA, or WIFI picky, or has GPS issues. I am not one of them and it should not take a person long to figure it out and exchange it if it happens to you. This is why businesses have return policies. I have a MS in EE and work in the electronics industry and let me tell you lemons happen, don't get bent.
    The image from the screen is excellent, better than my Galaxy 10.1. Games look great and so do movies, I have not seen it's equal. The 8MP camera for a tablet is very good (video or pics). However, it will not be replacing my HD camcorder or SLR. I have had no wireless issues or GPS issues in a 2-story home or a 3 story office. I have been finding apps just fine and have had no issue running any of them. The touch is great and easy to use, no fat finger issues or lag. The dock option makes it better yet. Longer battery life with the dock (about double). The mouse pad and pointer work as good as you ever would expect. With the dock I forget I am using a tablet.
    My wife, mother-in-law, and kids have all enjoyed using it. I have also used it at work with no issues.
    Matter of fact I have never had an issue of any kind.