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  • Judith R. Enzor "sleepless romantic" - Perfect for that in-home office.

    I love the ease of the installation of this printer and the quality of the color prints from it. But, be aware that you do have to upgrade the memory if you want fast, seamless pictures or graphs. Again, easy to install DIMM memory by following the instructions in User Guide page 127.

    My only complaint is when you pay for this printer you should expect full sized color cartridges not toy cartridges that run out after a short time. So, when you purchase this, purchase full sized toners and a 256MB Printer Memory Card at the same time. It will save you headaches and you will be up and running quickly and with a quality product.

  • Lauren Marie - I found a fix for the taste!!

    honestly, this product is amazing. It's the answer to a quick meal for those of us who are genuinely interested in treating our bodies with the utmost respect (not just popping pills and drinking a fake sugar-laden whey or soy based protein drink). It does, however, literally taste like vomit (i'm not saying it tastes bad, it LITERALLY tastes like vomit). HOWEVER, mix the 2 scoop serving with water (i do recommend using a little more than 16 oz as it has a sludge-like texture) and 1 packet of crystal light PURE (NOT the regular 5 calories crystal light, the PURE one which contains no artificial sweeteners, preservatives, etc but has more calories). It literally masks the ENTIRE bad flavor of the powder ... doesn't fix the texture so much but i'm actually a fan of it anyhow.

    hope this helps people make a decision who are on the fence and helps people adapt if they're forcing the meal down now :-).

  • Sammy "Workaholic" - Very accurate and lightweight

    I have a 9 year old Beagle (who is about 35 pounds) who occassionally slips out of his color on walks. He doesn't take off or get out of the yard, but for my own peace of mind, I wanted to try this product.

    I absolutely love it. The product comes with two parts - first, the gps attachment that goes onto the dog's collar and second, the docking station. The gps attachment is very lighweight (only a few ounces) and is made of rubber on the sides and plastic for the device itself. It comes with a plastic attachment piece which allows for you to attach it to any collar of almost any size. I leave it on my dog's collar at all times, even while he is sleeping - it doesn't bother him at all. I don't know how well this would work for a dog that is smaller than him or a cat - depends on the size of the animal.

    The docking station is very small (about 3 inches wide by 3 inches high) and is plugged into a regular A/C outlet in your home. This device serves multiple purposes - first, it defines your "Home zone" for your dog. Meaning, as long as the dog is within your home zone, you will not be notified. But, when he leaves the Home zone, you will be notified based on your preferences that you set up on their website for your profile (email, text, both, etc.). The Docking station also preserves battery power whenever your dog is in the Home zone range.

    There is an option called "Trip Mode" which allows for you to tell the system that you are intentionally taking the dog outside of the Home zone (for a walk, for example) and thus, you will not receive the same level of notifications as if the dog were to have left the Home zone on his own (for example, got out of the yard and was wandering).

    As noted, once you get the device, you have to go to the Tagg website and create a profile where you provide your contact preferences (email, text, etc.). Important to note that you are purchasing the device for the collar and the Docking station here but you need to purchase the monitoring service separately from Tagg. To do this, you do to their website and create a profile. You can purchase it one month at a time for about $7.95 per month. I opted for the annual contract which about $75 which is billed to your credit card.

    From this website, you can also do other cool stuff like Activity tracking. Meaning, I can look on the website and it tells me the activity level of my dog (how many hours he spent yesterday sleeping, heavy activity, light activity, etc.). Very interesting!

    The most impressive thing about this product is the location accuracy. There is a free app that you can download from iTunes for your iPhone (not sure about other phones) that shows you the exact location on a map of your dog. It shows the "Home zone" as a transparent circle on the map and street level view of exactly where you dog is located. I tested this multiple times when I first got the device to ensure that it worked (in case I ever needed to use it). It was accurate to a few yards away!

    Regarding the battery, they advertise that it can last up to 4 weeks depending on usage. I take my dog out of the Home zone every day for about 20 minutes for a walk and he is home the rest of the day. Based on my experience, it lasts about 2 weeks. It sends me a notification when the battery is low so that I know when to charge it! It takes about 2 hours to charge the device (you simply place it on the docking station to do this). And, of course, it sends you a notification to tell you when the device is charged!

    In summary, I think that this is a fantastic product and I would definitely buy it again!