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  • Erin Leigh Miller - LOVE IT!!!I decided to give the Flex Belt a try because ever since I had my 2-year-old, I have not been able to get that firm, flat belly that I used to have, despite trying several different exercise routines. I have a healthy diet and workout 3 days a week. Wish I had more time to exercise, but I am a full-time nurse, a part-time graduate student, and my toddler keeps me busy otherwise. I have been using the Flex Belt for several weeks, at least 3 days per week, and I have had very good results. My abdomen is finally firm again and my abs are more defined. Plus, I can use it anytime- while I'm getting ready in the mornings, while I'm working on my online class, while cooking, etc. I am looking forward to this summer so I can wear my new bikini and finally feel confident in a 2-piece again! I highly recommend the Flex Belt, especially to working moms!
  • Samantha - I love this tablet!!I compared many tablets in my price range and once I settled on the Tab 2 it did not disappoint. My boyfriend has an I-pad 3 and while his is a little but better, it's a excellent tablet for the price. I'm very happy with it and enjoy it eveyday. My boyfriend even likes it (cuz of course he checked it out once I got it.)Thanks very much!!