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  • Pat Hodge "Patti" - RecommendedI jumped on the bandwagon for this product after seeing Dr. Oz's recommendation just like thousands of others I'm sure did. As I cannot say this about all of his recommendation, this one seems to be a valid endorsement. The product actually works! I had a definite boost in my energy rate right away. After the first two weeks, I saw a good difference on the scale too.

    Since cambogia extract is derived from green coffee beans, I planned to couple it with the actual product -another Dr. Oz suggestion. The Green Coffee Bean Extract contains an ingredient called svetol which I've heard referenced in metabolism and energy boosts before -Svetol Green Coffee Bean Extract Plus + FREE African Mango Powder (10:1 Concentration) 50 Grams. I don't know which product boosted the other, but the results when I use both are far better than individually. The weight came off quicker and in bigger amounts.

    My energy levels not only went up, but were able to put me through 12 hour days with no coffee or other crutches. The African Mango powder, which came with the green coffee pills is just an added bonus- it helps with weight loss too but I notice it gives a more intense energy boost so I had to stop taking it in the afternoon or I would have trouble sleeping. It's something I try to take either in the morning or on the weekends but I love it all the same.
  • M. K. Foley - will this work for food allergies?I'm about to find out if this diet will help with my food allergies. Since most food allergies/sensitivities are usually caused by a damaged digestive tract (often called leaky gut syndrone), it only makes sense that what will work for Crohns, IBS, etc., should work for leaky gut syndrone.

    After reading it twice from cover to cover, I have a hope it will. (The author does point out that anaphylactic allergies may not respond to this diet.)I gave it 5 stars because the author writes in very clear language, gives clear directions and has documented all her findings.

    Like one reviewer mentioned, this diet is very similar to the Paleo diet, which I had good success using to remove my food allergy/sensitivity reactions. However, the Paleo diet alone wasn't 'curing' my gut problems. I continued to develop new allergies/sensitivities if I ate a certain food too often and didn't rotate my menu. Which is a sign of not having healed the root cause.

    So, I have a feeling the missing components were the probiotic regimen and carefully screening out foods that have complex carbs. I've been using a broad spectrum probiotic compound for a few months now and have noticed an improvement. One of my reactions to my allergies is asthma, which has really improved since using the probiotics. Now I'll fine tune the probiotics based on the author's recommendation and give the diet a try for a year. I really have nothing to lose, it's a well balanced healthy regimen.

    I like that the author gives the science behind what happens when the gut has an imbalance in the bacteria, how certain foods can cause or contribute to this and make it a vicious cycle. I like how she approaches healing using diet instead of medications and or an overloading of suppliments. Give the body what it needs to heal itself! Makes perfect sense to me.

    Wish me luck!
  • iheartkarma - Amazingly powerful and pretty little thing!I pre-ordered the Prime on November 1st (from a different site since Amazon stopped taking orders) and thank goodness I did! I received it on Dec. 28th and see the price has already gone up. Nuts. Anyway, I had ordered the silver but got a call saying I would be receiving the champagne unless I wanted to wait longer. I was pleasantly surprised at the color...almost more like a pewter than champagne. I am not a techie person and only capable of giving an average user's review of this device. It's super fast and the graphics are ridiculous. I've never been a "gamer" person but I can't stop playing this jet ski game. It's amazing, words can not explain. Water splashes up and it really looks like water is splashing on the screen. Camera takes decent pictures but I have an SLR that will always trump any other camera. It seems to have it all. I have a lot to learn and actually use with this tablet but so far I have no complaints. But for amateurs like me just know...the "user manual" that comes with it is nothing more than directions on how to plug it in and turn it on. The rest you will have to figure out. Also, I was a little surprised to see that when I went to buy a game the credit card number used to purchase the tablet was already programmed in there. One click and boom. Game bought. Convenient? Yes. A little too convenient for a 4 yr old to easily purchase whatever game he feels like playing at the time? Yes. Surely there is some way to password protect this...but I haven't figured it out (no user manual =)
    I can't wait to get the docking station and wish they had been released together. But at the end of the day, I'm happy and would recommend this device to anyone considering an ipad, etc. as I think the android system is more diverse than anything else on the market. Now if I could get my son to understand that Santa brought this for me and not him I might have more to review =)
  • E. Danilenko - Very nice tabletI've owned the TF201 for over a month now, and although I had to return my first one for hardware issues, I still think this is the best Android tablet available today. It is thin, light, and fast with a great screen. The sound from the speaker is surprising good. Even after the replacement, the wi-fi receptivity is still a little weak, but I'm not having the same problems with the wi-fi radio needing to be switched off and on to regain the signal. The other hardware issue I had was the keyboard dock not working properly even after firmware upgrades. Because I had to wait over a month for a dock, it took me some time to discover this problem. Amazon's return process was seamless. With the dock, this tablet makes a very nice travel laptop replacement with amazing battery life. Asus tech support is terrible. It took almost 2 weeks to receive a response to my support e-mail about the keyboard dock issue.
  • J. Cole - Quickbooks Mac 2012 is a MUST have for businesses that run on Mac.QuickBooks Mac 2012 is powerful and filled with features that will transform the way businesses powered by Macs do business. Customized forms will make your business look professional. Progressive invoicing will invoicing though consulting jobs a breeze. And being able to see all of your expenses for a whole year will make business decision making a more intelligent endeavor. In short - QuickBooks Mac 2012 is a MUST BUY.