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Eyeco Australia Pty Ltd - Ocular drug development, Vista Plus, Visagen MR, treatments for blinding retinal diseases - EyeCo Pty Ltd is a Victorian based ocular drug development company, dedicated to developing new treatments for blinding retinal diseases


Country: Oceania, AU, Australia

  • robert - Good quality SSD; not the fastest but reliable and uses MLC NAND w/ pseudo-enterprise options.Got the 960gb version of the M500, and so far have had no problems with the product. Much faster than my HDD, and provides a hell of a lot of space. Uses MLC NAND (unlike the Samsung 840/840 EVO, which uses TLC, although the latter EVO has a SLC-esque "writing cache" when writing to the TLC apparently, which speeds the EVO up); the only other popular SSD/consumer product to use a "more reliable" MLC NAND Flash memory is the much more expensive Samsung 840 Pro, and only available up to a max of 500gb.

    Note that the M500 uses a newer 20nm MLC NAND, but the reliability should be the same with other MLC NAND Flash chips according to Micron/Crucial. The SSD has a nice set of pseudo-enterprise options, too, and although is rated at a max of 72TB lifetime writes, it should long outperform this rating for most purposes (outside of enterprise/server-side use.)

    Also, since Micron uses a Redundant Array of Independent NAND (RAIN), which the Samsung drives don't use (being a pseudo-enterprise SSD option), you get even more protection against sudden data loss in the event that your SSD crashes. This, along with their on-board power capacitors (that backup data during power failures/hard reboots), make the M500 a very sturdy and reliable option in keeping your data intact, vs. Samsung and other brands being marketed and directed more towards pure "speed" instead.

    Amazon even provided me a $30 refund, since I purchased the M500 960gb SSD for $579/580, but dropped down to $549 in less than a week after my purchase. With that said, the M500 960gb is a very good deal. Highly recommended; if I need more space in the future I wouldn't hesitate to pick up another one for use with my laptop.
  • Chance Evan LeBron - Works perfect!I have been using this butter infuser for a few weeks now and i am very happy with it so far. Its super easy to use and cranks out consitent quality butter or oil with hardly any effort. By far one of the best products for medical users who want to eliminate the middle man and make higher grade edibles.