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  • Stephen Phillips - Completed my understanding of what the hell was wrong with me and might have changed my life for the better.So if you wake up tired all the time or have an autoimmune problem or tummy issues you can't figure out after trying for years (me) then at least try this. It's not about a fad diet or other stupid ideas about how to eat healthy. It's not about sending money to someone on a permanent basis before they'll reveal the secret. It's about what the heck is causing digestive issues, and the commonality of many digestive ailments... basically certain kinds sugar/starch that isn't absorbed properly is getting fermented in our digestive track (fermentation isn't good in there unless you like gas and perhaps toxins in the wrong place). I felt better in less than two days after removing certain sugars and starches from my diet. I waited for 4 weeks before commenting on it. I still have not slipped back into poor health (digestive problems, chronic fatigue, brain fog, weakness) and forever am grateful for this author.
  • Stephanie Lindquist - A must for anyone working in international developmentThis book is amazing! I worked in Guatemala for around 8 months in community development, with a rural indigenous pueblo. We tried to get in as many doctors as possible, but when that failed, we could always use this book--the diagrams of each disease (especially the skin diseases, prevalent in Central America) helped us to decide how to address each person's health concerns. I only wish there was a copy in K'iche' for the community leaders to have to use! The forms included in the book for basic check ups and keeping medical records will be helpful in the future when we set up a clinic. I can't emphasize what a straight forward, useful, and practical book this is. If you intend to work anywhere in a developing country, with health or not, you need this book.
  • DWD "DWD's Reviews" - seems tough,apps can be priceyMy kids have had the super-tough Leapsters for years, but this is our first foray into having a LeapPad. The good news is that this gadget seems to be just as tough as the Leapster, which is important considering how often children can drop iPads/Kindles/Nooks/etc.

    Like they seem to do with all tablets, will figure out how to use the LeapPad quickly. If you want to add to the pre-loaded apps the LeapPad comes with a $20 credit. That's great, but do some careful shopping because the big name brand apps can cost more than that. Besides the apps, there are built-in features such as the camera, the calender, a folder for books (none included), a folder for mp3s (you have to pay more the the mp3 player if you want to add your child's music). Loading the LeapPad with a wide variety of activities, apps, music and more could get pricey.

    So, in short, the LeapPad is durable but you really need to look at other tablets and see if you want to buy a dedicated child-based tablet or an adult tablet that can be adapted to your child with much cheaper (or free) apps.
  • MichelinMan "Joseph W" - you people who talk negatively about the cost of this productyou people are griping about 16-17bucks? For real? I go to GNC alot and I browse the weight loss pills every time and not a single bottle is under $30 and some cost upwards of $70-$80. Those of which also have numerous secret ingredients that no one can pronounce or are man made and IMO are worse than natural organic ingredients. So Lipozene has a filler that puffs out like rice when it hits your stomach, SO WHAT. The problem is, you people who claim the pill didn't work, 95% of you aren't "OVER WEIGHT". I love seeing the Hydroxycut commercials with the guys and gals on there with their 145LB before and 100LB anorexic after photos. Its you people who don't pay attention to anything and go dive right in and expect it to work then it doesn't, that make me sick. It's those of you, who make me want to try it out more and more because I have in fact read and did my research on it. If you need to lose only 10-20Lbs, then cut out that extra soda or that secret bag of chips you stash in your car glove box, yeah I'm not stupid I know all your tricks.

    Maybe you should invest in some common sense and think before you speak because when you spew misinformation, you ruin a great products name simply because you were to ignorant to follow simple instructions.