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  • A. Wickman "Wish I were in ChiTown" - The Slendertone AB BeltAs stated by the companies own advertisement. This will tone your muscles. It does not claim to loose inches. As many have stated, you need to get rid of the belly fat to show those six packs. That said if you want to have a devise that will supplement a comprehensive exercise and weight loss program then this will help. I use it while driving, at work, when writing this article (or sitting and watching TV), and even while doing other exercises. I have used the device for 3 weeks so far and I can say I am feeling and seeing a difference. As for settings I pretty much put it at 100+ for about 2 hours a day. This is not a panacea for getting yourself in shape. You still need to work at it and that means doing all the other stuff, but this product has a place in your arsenal. As for the pads. I have not had to replace them. Put a little (and I mean a little) gel hand sanitizer on them before putting the pad covers back on when you are done. This will keep them moist and pliable. The product does what it says it will do, and as another author stated ems is proven to tone muscles.
  • - I was skeptical, but now I'm convincedI am in my late 20's and have been a mild psoriasis sufferer for about 10 years. I have been to numerous dermatologists and have been prescribed countless steroids, pills, etc., but nothing has proven to be consistently effective in clearing my condition. Let me also state that I am a skeptical person by nature, and have never been a believer in any of the popular alternative healing methods. However, I have noticed in the past year that my condition would be almost non-existent one day and all of the sudden flare up another day. Common sense told me that the psoriasis outbreaks had to be the effect of some underlying cause. Why else would I be fine one day and a mess the next? Doctors had no answers. I did plenty of research and finally decided to get this book, primarily based on its popularity and other positive reviews. I started on the program immediately. All I did was cut out the tomatoes, junk food, etc., and started drinking the herbal teas and also taking Omega 3 capsules. I'm not planning on getting any of the cholonics (spelling??) or spinal adjustments. Anyway, within 3 weeks my condition has cleared almost completely. It also occurred to me that my latest outbreak came about immediately after a weekend in Las Vegas where I was sucking down bloody marys (tomato juice)! I told my dermatologist about this and she scoffed at my theory. According to her, "diet has very little to do with the condition". The only creams or ointments I will use is the dovonex, as I believe this to be the safest. Other than that, I highly recommend following this program. Psoriasis sucks, and I don't know if this remission is due to some sort of placebo effect, positive thinking, etc?????, but I am 100% convinced that this treatment is effective and not only safe, but healthy! Do your own research and DON'T RELY ON YOUR DERMATOLOGIST!! Hope this helps someone.