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  • Jack59 - protecting usSarah does it again! Great presentation. Love you and your family and your love of our God and Savior. You are an inspiration. Hang in there lady, we are with you! Understand something. If you are a liberal or just don't like Sarah Palin, too won't like the book. This book is about her and how she views her life and God's interaction with us.
  • Roger Jackson - Skeptical MD's Wife Ulcerative Colitis 10 yrs.-total remissiCeCelia has Ulcerative Colitis of 10 yrs. duration that has progressed from distal proctitis to near universal colitis on her last yearly colonoscopy.
    She was having flare ups several times yearly controlled with Prednisone. She usually was on Mesalamine or Azulfidine.
    Of course she had the usual cramps and urgency and chronic bleeding (for years) and iron deficiency.
    In the Spring 2003 she had a flare despite just ending a 6 wk. Prednisone taper.

    She tried Molocure for 2 months but stated that it was ineffective and stopped it.
    She then found " The Breaking the Vicious Cycle " low (grain) carbohydrate diet, with homemade yogurt, and fruit. She has religiously stuck to the diet after reading the book.
    Although the diet has been tough she has had a rather remarkable and sustained response for 6 months. No bleeding, slight urgency only and solid stools-- she takes Citrucel for the spastic colon now.
    She will have another colonoscopy in the next few months and it should be much less inflamed. She encourages everyone to read the book "Breaking the Vicious Cycle".
    Hope this helps. Addendum 2/03/04 Today she had her follow up colonoscopy after ten months of the SCD diet (Breaking the Vicious Cycle). The colonoscopy was entirely NORMAL! The gastroenterologist was visibly suprised. He suggested a repeat colonoscopy in 5 yrs.
    PS any suggestions on where to share this story on the web for ulcerative colitis and crohns people?
    (The SCD is all-natural and includes meat/fish/chicken, eggs, butter, homemade yogurt, natural cheeses, nuts, honey, fruit, and vegetables. The diet does not include grains, potatoes, rice, various food additives, margarine, sugar, soy, or processed foods. ) Best Regards,
    Roger Jackson, MD
  • Super Mum - Easy enough for a child... complex enough for an adultI think the true testament to this product is that my 9 year old child was able to sit down with zero instructions and figure it out in a couple minutes. He was able to change from pen to paintbrush to any of the other tools right away. He was able to change colors, add geometric shapes/designs, erase, change brush size/shape/nibs, make straight lines, use symmetry, etc. without any instruction or assistance. The main reason I chose this product was to find a way to further inspire the comics he draws (for a child they are so good they could easily be published). Using the Autodesk Sketchbook Pro he was able to draw his comics he typically freehand draws much faster and "better" as he can now make a perfect circle and even lines without dragging out tools he never used with paper. While there are other products that are capable of similar functions, this is extremely easy to use. We have, and regularly do use Photoshop for different functions but the complex menus are more complicated to find and use for sketching. With Autodesk Sketchbook Pro the primary function is drawing/painting and everything you need is right on the screen and can quickly be accessed by hovering over a menu until it expands. Also, the cost difference between this product and Photoshop is expansive if you are only planning on using it for sketching and wouldn't be justified. Photoshop, my favorite as the photographer of the family, is in my opinion is a perfect program for photography rather than sketching and therefore would explain why it is not as user friendly for this function.

    We are using this product on a Mac Mini (2010 version: Apple Mac Mini MC270LL/A Desktop) with a Wacom Bamboo Pen Tablet though it can be used with a mouse as well. The downside of a mouse is that it is unable to read the pressure in which you are drawing/painting. With a mouse, your art will not reflect light and heavy "brushstrokes" without changing the brush settings manually which I would imagine would be quite difficult to impossible to make a cohesive line that shows an artificial variation in pressure.

    The program installed quickly and flawlessly and required no extra setup/drivers/etc. to be used with the Wacom Tablet. Both the Mac and PC programs are available on a single disk which is unusual and welcomed.

    While we are not professionals by any stretch of the imagination I can 100% recommend this product to those artists who are wanting to take the first step into the digital world and are looking for an intuitive, easy to use product that is easy on the wallet. There are enough tools that this program can easily grow with you and your skills as a digital artist.
  • Crazy Conservative "The Compassionate Conserv... - Why is everyone being so intellectually dishonest?This book is a VERY good read. I will be honest. I was a liberal last year. I was against the war, for abortion, against gay marriage, I was for government control, etc. Everyone at my school will tell you that. But I started looking for the truth, and in searching for the truth, I became a conservative. This book contains many facts and NO lies. And no, I don't think liberals are BAD people. Some of my very best friends are liberals. I just believe that most of them are very misguided. I don't believe Kerry is a mean man. I believe that he (probably) genuinely wants to help this country and believes what he is doing is right, just like most liberals. Unfortunately, as Ann Coulter will reveal to you in this book, their right is quite wrong.
  • Megan "Megan @ Love, Literature, Art, and Reason" - Well written dystopian with elements similar to (but not THE SAME AS) Matched & The Hunger Games*****The Testing was NOT a rip off of anything. While it contained elements similar to a few wonderful dystopian YA novels, it is not unoriginal at all. A few reviews have said it was too much like The Hunger Games, but while it contained parallels, the differences far exceeded the similarities.*****

    I decided to read The Testing when I got an email from NetGalley alerting me that it would be available to read for a couple of days. The premise intrigued me and as a lover of most YA dystopian novels, I knew I'd probably enjoy it. I was right! It was amazing and I cannot wait to get my hands on the rest of the series, as it quickly became one of my favorite dystopias. The Testing reminded me of a flawless mixture of elements from The Hunger Games series by Suzanne Collins and the Matched Trilogy by Ally Condie. The tone and voice was poetic and calm like Matched, but the events were ruthless and cunning like with The Hunger Games.

    I loved Cia right away. I always have a soft spot for regular, unsuspecting people in dystopian worlds. While I always appreciate the more "badass" characters like Tris from Divergent or Katniss from The Hunger Games, I strongly believe most people would be unsuspecting and trusting even in a dystopian setting. Cia reminded me a lot of Cassia from Matched because she was operating on small bits of information from her family that made her question what she was getting into. It was enough advice to start the skepticism within her, but ultimately it was up to her to decide what to do in the end and how deep the conspiracy goes if there is one. She was a smart girl, obviously, as she was considered as a candidate for University. In order to be accepted into University, students chosen had to pass what was known as the Testing. No one could tell the students what the Testing had in store for them because they couldn't remember the details.

    Cia's colony hadn't had any students chosen to participate in the Testing in a long time, but her dream was to be chosen in order to secure a brighter future for herself. Her father was a University graduate and she looked up to him. On Cia's graduation, she was informed she was picked along with a handful of other students from her colony and they left soon after to head to the Testing facility. Before Cia left, her father warned her the Testing was not what it seemed and his nightmares told an entirely different story than the one he was given when he passed the Testing. There were missing pieces, horrible things he had no recollection of, yet he knew them to be true in his dreams. He warned her to be careful, be wary of the ruthlessness of other competitors, and not to trust anyone.

    Cia learned quickly once she arrived at the Testing facility and only chose to trust one person: a boy she grew up with named Tomas. They were a part of the same team and chose to form a bit of partnership. Cia's skepticism about the Testing was deepened by some of the things she noticed, like the cameras watching her every move and the way the Testing administrators lacked compassion as they watched students injure themselves and made no moves to help them in certain tests. As the story progresses, the Tests given grew increasingly more dangerous. Cia grew more aware of the dark side of the Testing, but she struggled with what to do about it. And who could she trust? Her relationship with Tomas bloomed throughout all of the tests, especially the last, most difficult one. Without giving any more details away, the plot was incredible and the biggest Test was challenging. The participants were forced to make life and death decisions and encounter dangerous things, even fellow participant. The object was to win or eliminate the competition.

    The Testing dealt with major issues that typically present themselves in a dystopian world and Cia had to constantly watch her back and decide what kind of person she should be, while also considering what actions needed to be taken in order to survive and/or pass the Test. I loved watching her work through various situations and seeing what the Testing would throw at her next. I also enjoyed the development of the relationship between Cia and Tomas and the conflict of figuring out who else could be trusted.

    The Testing was a wonderfully written and well executed dystopian YA novel that combined some elements from my favorite dystopian novels into a unique and adventurous story. I highly recommend it to fans of dystopias and adventure.

    Review Originally Published at Love, Literature, Art, and Reason Book Review Blog

    Source: Netgalley