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  • Raja Kasinathan - Good educational gift for kidsI bought this for my kids 9 and 4 years old so that I can teach them the world records through these. Hopefully they will start taking life challenging and inspiring and try to do things innovatively. Every thing about this book is great other than the price. I saw this in ToysRUs for $30. The same day I saw this for $10 less in Amazon. So, I ordered it in Amazon for a good deal. Definitely this money will be worth for my kids.
  • dawgpaula "dawgpaula" - A total Brain Rejuvenation!!I am from a Northern state and because of medical problems, moved to South Texas for year round warmth. WOW! This was like moving to a 3rd world country!!! I have been here for 5 years and I was starting to lose myself and get sucked into the intellectual black hole of Texas, AKA utter stupidity and delusion!! I recommend this gave me a total thought rejuvenation and reminded me of who I really am! It should be a 9th grade textbook! I do not recommend moving to South Texas unless you like be tortured and abused for being an intelligent free-thinker with motivation! What's worse?? A WOMAN unapologetic for being an intelligent, free-thinker, OMG business person! GASP!
  • Cassie lee - Uncomfortably Delightful. Don't miss this one!I've never read anything so uncomfortably intriguing. Reading this book felt so wrong at times. I found myself constantly thinking "is this really happening?" The worst part is finding yourself rooting for the main characters survival. This book is truly one of a kind. And will definitely make you think twice about your own morality.
  • Paul R. Elsasser - Milk Builds Strong BonesMilk is one of the most underated liquids in modern society

    Its benifits and capability of being chocolate,strawberry even served hot make it one of the most versitle drink in existence today

    companies such as Coca-Cola and Groves Stand attempt to recreate the chameleon like abilites of milk by introducing vanilla flavore coke or no pulp orange juice...but they're not even close

    Overall Milk stands alone as the ultimate drink

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