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  • John A. Ernissee Jr. "PapaJack" - Right on Sarah ...

    If you're at all concerned about where we are headed with political correctness you need to read this book. This book talks about how some (many) are trying, and succeeding, to take Christ out of Christmas. It's a good read from a person who charishes family and faith. Heart warming and thought provoking - You'll want to read it twice.

  • tsorrosa - I broke the vicious cycle, and it worked!

    I have been suffering from many digestive disorders for the past 10 years and seen dozens of doctors, all of whom only prescribed meds and MRI's but no nutritional advice. I was trapped in a vicious cycle of malnourishment and debilitating symptoms. This book explains the connection between starches and processed sugars and the toxicity generated from bacteria that reproduce uncontrollably, which therefore cause digestive and neurological diseases. It not only helps you understand foods from a molecular level, but it also backs information with clinical studies on carbohydrates and sugars as being the culprit of such diseases. I wish I would have found this book earlier. I have been on this diet for 8 days now, and my symptoms for IBS, stomach pain and discomfort have reduced to barely none a day. I have completely eliminated all sugars and breads, starches, and do not feel malnourished, but rather relieved. Elain Gottshchall's book is a breakthrough in medicine and nutrition!

  • Free Thinker "Amazon made me remove my blog s... - Ignore the Haters and Mac Cultists

    I can only conclude that those who hate this OS are either Apple groupies or people who hate big corporations simply for being big corporations. Windows 8 is a joy to use: fast, highly intuitive, and logically organized. It takes the best of mobile apps and blends it with classic Windows features. The opening screen lists 99% of the apps I use at any given time in easy click-and-go format. Then, if I want to go to a more traditional desktop format, that too is a simple click away.

    Is there a learning curve involved? Yes, but a surprisingly small one. I was up and running within 10 minutes of turning the computer on, and I had no previous experience or training with the OS. Windows 8 is a splendid example of what Microsoft can do when it commits itself to building a superior product. The Mac cultists and Gates-haters can distort or mock that position all they want. But they'll never be able to refute it. Apparently ignorance and fanaticism are common traits in many groups, not just among religious fundamentalists.