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  • Shawna - this book will change your lifeThis book is not a diet, but a way to better understand your body and it's response to foods. I lost 10lbs the first four days, and the more amazing part was I felt better and had more energy then I had in months. Now, that being said it takes commitment and work on your part, you must cook and you must be willing to commit to seeing what works. I will take what I have learned from this book and the plan and use it forever. I am grateful every day to have come across this :)
  • M.Darling - Endometriosis GONE!Ok let me be honest, I started taking these to try to get pregnant because I have Endo and then after my first month of taking it
    I noticed my Endo pain subside by 85% ! I am so exited by those result. I am currently on my second month and have no negative side effects. I might not be pregnant but if it gets rid of my Endo pain, YES PLEASE. I will take this for a lifetime.

    I was worried because I thought I might forget to take it three times a day but it is fairly easy to remember once it becomes a routine plus I added a reminder on my phone.
    The pills are large and I find it is best to take with food. I take it religiously. Please take a chance on these pills they havent made pregnant but they have relieved me of my horrible Endo pain.


    Wow I love this pill. Still not pregnant but the best Side Effect this pill has given me is by far exciting. First, I have always had a regular, long, painful, extremely painful menstrual where I had to ask for days off from work. After the 1st month I still had some pain but not extreme.
    This second time around I had a wonderful menstrual, no pain at ALL. NONE! PLUS it shorten it from a 7 day cycle to a 5 day cycle. AMAZING! FREAKING AMAZING! I will continue on this pill for the rest of my life if it helps me with my terrible Endo Pain. I would say if you have painful menstrual pain or Endometriosis, yo uhave to try this pill.